In the Georgian capital of Tbilisi detained a resident of Grozny Tumso Abdurakhmanov, who fled from Chechnya because of the persecution that started after the conflict with the cousin of head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov due to the fact that Abdurakhmanov did not give way to his motorcade and was wearing the “wrong” beard. About it reports the edition “Caucasus.Realities”.

Abdurakhmanov sent to the editors of a voice mail, telling that he was detained, not able to answer questions, but said that at this stage there was no question of his transfer to Russia. To the question about the reasons for the arrest, he did not answer.

Relative Kadyrov did not like the beard Abdurakhmanova

Abdurakhmanov, a former Deputy head of the Chechen state-owned companies “Telecommunication”. The persecution in Chechnya began after he lost in terrible way for the motorcade of Islam Kadyrov, then head of administration, Ramzan Kadyrov.

In November 2015, a close relative of the head of Chechnya did not like the beard Abdurakhmanov and the contents of his mobile phone – video clips and pictures unflattering content about the Chechen leadership.

“The beard is part of my religion, explained Abdurakhmanov “Open Russia”. –
In accordance with the canons of Islam I can’t remove the beard, I owe it to her to wear. Indiscriminate wearing of beards in Chechnya began after my story, it was in 2016. Then, Ramzan has a beard, and his whole retinue, the whole country began to wear a beard in imitation of him.”

“But at the time of my detention not just beards, and carried out road actions: Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic in full force were taken on the road, and they caught people with beards. Man only the beard was taken to the police station, photographed, filmed on video,” he added.

“Because of my beard the whole cortege left his important Affairs of state and turned me,” said the Chechen. In an interview to “echo of the Caucasus” in may 2016, he said that the reason he stopped was that he crossed the Avenue directly in front of the moving train of Islam Kadyrov.

According to him, they were standing at the traffic lights about 40-50 minutes, during which he asked questions of a religious nature, and Kadyrov himself out of the car did not go. After this the conversation continued in the form of interrogation in the office of Kadyrov.

“Kadyrov concluded during this conversation that I’m a Salafi and this kind of Islam to practice in the country, he won’t let me” – said Abdurakhmanov.

“He accused me that I don’t like personally, Ramzan Kadyrov. He says: what I found in your phone, this is enough to kill you. But I said, I want to give you a chance. If you want, I said I let you go now. Give you three days and I promise these three days you do not look. So you kind of handicap. Unable to go anywhere, run. But after three days I will begin your quest – I will find you, I’ll kill you. I like you said, many were killed,” – said Tumso Abdurakhmanov edition of “Real time”.

Later Kadyrov, said Abdurakhmanov, changed his mind and organized a meeting with the spiritual leaders to instruct on “the right path”, but those instead of preaching, called him a “dirty Wahhabi” and a leader of some radical sects and released with the condition that in the near future he will give his “associates”.

After the threats, he fled to Tbilisi. In Chechnya Abdurakhmanov opened a criminal case under part 2 of article 208 (“Organization of an illegal armed formation or participation in it”). In addition, he was suspected of cooperation with terrorist organization “Islamic state.”*

“My friends in Chechnya gathered and forced to sign a paper that I allegedly went to Syria to participate in hostilities. They also took my cousin and forced to write the same paper,” says Tumso Abdurakhmanov.

Now the judicial authorities of Georgia consider Abdurakhmanov’s appeal on the refusal to grant him political asylum. If it is rejected, the blogger can give Russia.

In April 2017, the Tbilisi court upheld the decision of the Ministry of refugees and accommodation of Georgia on the refusal to provide Abdurahmanova the status of political refugee.

Tbilisi city court found persuasive the argument of the Ministry for refugees and resettlement, political asylum Tumso Abdurakhmanov “because of the circumstances contrary to the interests of the country.”

In February the human rights centre “memorial” has addressed the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation with a request to check the actions of the Prosecutor’s office of Chechnya, ignoring the requests of the resident of the Republic of Tumso Abdurakhmanov about his unlawful criminal prosecution by the Chechen interior Ministry.

In 2016, the Chechen Ramazan Zalaldinov from the village of Kenkhi appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika with a complaint against officials who Rob the inhabitants of a large part of the compensation for destroyed during the second Chechen campaign, shelter, and keep public sector wages in General are eliminated from helping people.

After that the house of Zalaldinov in the village of Kenkhi burned is unknown, but the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov explainedthat Zalaldinov he burned his house to put local authorities in a negative light.

Zalaldinov fled to Dagestan, but in may the TV channel “Grozny” showed video Zalaldinov in which he haltingly apologized to Kadyrov for criticism in his address and “provoking people” and calls his actions “a big mistake”. In June, his family appealed on a straight line with Vladimir Putin, asking to ensure his rights.

In Georgia detained a Chechen, who fled from a cousin of Kadyrov 17.07.2017

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