German herpetologists have given the nod to start the operation for extraction from the earth of the head of Lenin. Cut several pieces of the granite monument to the leader of the world proletariat was buried on the Eastern outskirts of Berlin, and in order to extract the fragments for transmission to the Museum had been the first to relocate a colony of rare sand lizards.

Evacuation reptiles, listed in the “Red book” in many countries of Europe, from the forest near the village Guggenheim was a mandatory condition of extraction from the earth of a massive Lenin head, says DW-World. “Lenin’s hill” was enclosed with a white linen fence so the lizards fled to the forest. Caught them using dug-out plastic buckets. For some time from the traps daily took caught reptiles and sent to a new residence, and in buckets put a new lure.

When all lizards were removed in the course went heavy equipment. The Berlin authorities had hired a specialized firm to dig up the head and send to the Museum “Spandau Citadel”, where she is preparing a new exhibition “Berlin monuments”. As it turned out, fragments of the monument were not very deep, only slightly covered with earth and broken bricks. However, complicates the operation weight of Lenin’s head, amounting to about 3.5 tons.

19-metre monument of Nicholas Tomskogo, carved from Ukrainian granite, stood on Lenin square in the then capital of East Germany for almost 40 years. After the unification of Germany and rename the square in honor of the United Nations, the monument was dismantled and cut into 129 pieces. Place of burial was kept secret until now, and there are many applications for film crews from all over the world, wanting to capture the moment of extraction, will be rejected. Curious asked to wait until the spring of 2016 and admire on the head of Lenin in the “Spandau Citadel”.

The cult status of the monument to Lenin in the spirit of socialist realism only increased after it was shown in 2003 in the cash film “goodbye Lenin!”, where he was taken by helicopter. The film tells the tragicomic story of how the boy tries to convince his mother, who lapsed into a coma before the fall of the Berlin wall that the old regime, a zealous supporter whom she was, alive and well.

In 2005, the media claimedthat hunters “nostalgia” found the burial site of the monument and started to take it apart for Souvenirs. At the same time in Germany there were calls to bring back Lenin on historical place.

In Germany are preparing a secret operation to digging Lenin head 05.08.2015

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