German police have arrested a suspect in the poisoning of baby food in the store Friedrichshafen to blackmail leading retail chains in the country. He demanded 10 million euros.

DW reports that in the district of tübingen police arrested a suspect, signs which coincide with features of the man in the composite sketch, released during the investigation. On the sketch of the suspect is about 50 years. This is a man of athletic build, dressed in a dark jacket and light cap. The picture shows that he wears glasses, but the police believed it was part of his disguise.

The suspect is interrogated.

In mid-September, an unknown extortionist has sent to the leadership of the leading retail chains in Germany, including Aldi, Lidl, Edeka, Rewe, Rossman and DM, the message with a ransom demand. According to the newspaper Bild, the letter mentioned the amount of EUR 10 million.

Thursday confirmed its first case of poisoning: in Friedrichshafen found jars of baby food that had been mixed with the ethylene glycol. If the toxic liquid will get into the human body, it can cause permanent changes and even death.

Poisoned products have entered the trading network on 23 September, but, as assured by the police, none of the buyers have not yet managed to acquire it.

The attacker threatened the glycol back to 20 names of products intended for sale not only in Germany but also outside the country.

In Germany detained the alleged extortionist, poisoned baby food 30.09.2017

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