In Berlin, despite criticism, private Museum opened a copy of the bunker of Adolf Hitler, where the führer spent his last months of his life, according to Der Tagesspiegel. The building is located 2 km from the place where the real hideout, reports N-TV.

Recreated the room in which he lived the Fuehrer and his assistants, as well as furniture and belongings, which they enjoyed.

According to the curator of the Museum of Wieland the Death of, a visit copies of fuhrerbunker is part of the tour, which begins in the shelter, is designed for 3.5 thousand people, although in the last days of the war it was a shelter for 12 thousand people. This approach will allow visitors to compare the conditions in spacious Hitler’s bunker and the situation in the shelter for the ordinary citizens of Berlin, reports the BBC.

The Museum “Topography of terror”, which tells about the crimes of the Nazis and is located in the neighborhood with a copy of the bunker, has accused the makers of replicas in attempts to organize a spectacular show in a situation when it is inappropriate, says the BBC.

A real bunker in Berlin was destroyed in 1947. Now in its place is car Parking and information booth serves as a reminder that once upon a time this place was the last refuge of Adolf Hitler. He appeared in 2006 on the eve of the world Cup, which was hosted by Germany. German authorities usually try to leave no trace of the historical sites of the Third Reich in order not to allow neo-Nazis to arrange a one place of worship.

17 Oct 2016, the head of the interior Ministry of Austria has promised to demolish the childhood home of Hitler to stop his transformation into a cult place of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis from all over the world. A heated debate is underway around the house since 2009, when it was offered for sale by Gelinde Pommer whose family yellow house belonged to the nineteenth century. As you know, Hitler was born in one of the rooms of the house April 20, 1889.

Attempts to introduce Hitler in a Museum exhibition were made earlier: in 2009, the wax Museum Madame Tussauds has tried to exhibit in Berlin the figure of Hitler, but the second visitor was beheaded exhibit, shouting “No war!”.

In Germany, for tourists opened a copy of Hitler’s bunker 28.10.2016

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