German law-enforcement authorities found traces of the DNA of neo-Nazi Uwe Bernhardt, who committed suicide in 2011, the body of nine-year old Peggy Knobloch, which was discovered in the Bavarian forest this summer. Currently, experts are trying to figure out whether a neo-Nazi involved in the disappearance and murder Knobloch, reports the BBC.

Peggy Knobloch disappeared in 2001 on the way home from school. Taken by the police a massive search came to no avail. The girl’s body was never found, investigators initially believed that she was abducted and taken abroad.

In 2002 in the murder of Peggy was accused of being a man with mental disabilities, who confessed to the crime. He later refused recognition, however, in 2004, received a life sentence and served his sentence in a psychiatric hospital. Ten years later the sentence was reviewed and he was released.

In July of this year in Bavaria, were found the remains, which presumably belong to Peggy Knobloch. Then it was reported that the Bavarian Prosecutor’s office awaits the findings of forensic experts to conduct DNA tests to determine whether the found remains belong to missing girl, reminiscent of the BBC Russian service.

After the test results confirmed that the forest was found the body of missing girls, German law enforcement was waiting for a new discovery. On 14 October it became known that on the piece of cloth found near where the corpse had traces of the DNA of neo-Nazi Uwe Bernhardt, a suspect in 10 murders.

The police checked whether this finding is a technical error in view of the fact that the corpse Bernhardt, and the girl’s body were investigated in the same laboratory. According to another version, a neo-Nazi could be a sign of a killer Knobloch and could lend that any thing or vehicle, which was his DNA.

Uwe Bernhardt was found dead in a car in 2011 together with another member of the neo-Nazi gang Uwe Mundocom. According to investigators, they committed suicide. Another participant in the atrocities of neo-Nazis Beate Chepe is currently in the dock. Militiamen note that in the account of the neo-Nazis to 10 murders of people of Greek and Turkish origin, numerous robberies and bombings in the period from 2000 to 2007.

In Germany linked the case of the missing nine-year-old girl with neo-Nazis 14.10.2016

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