24-year-old activist of the left movement in Germany Celine geren said in an interview with Spiegel about how in the beginning of the year had been gang-raped by immigrants. The woman admitted that she concealed from police the ethnicity and the true signs of the attackers, because they were afraid to provoke the growth of xenophobia and racism. For the sake of tolerance the victim said that suffered at the hands of compatriots.

Celine Guerin lives in the city of Mannheim in the Federal state of Baden-württemberg. She is the spokesman for a political movement, a radical left-wing Linksjugend Solid (Left youth – solid), writes The Daily Mail. On January 27 around 1:00 geren was gang raped on the Playground where she was assaulted three immigrants from the Middle East. The attackers also took the victim’s bag, then fled.

Immediately after sexual abuse, geren went to the police, announcing a robbery. However, it was concealed from the investigators that those who attacked her were migrants and spoke Arabic or Farsi. Instead, Celine said that the attackers communicated in German and a foreigner was probably just one of them.

12 hours after first application Celine changed his mind and returned to the police and told the truth. According to Guerin, it was persuaded in this man. He said that in the same area where attacked Celine, was recently raped another woman. However, then she took his statement from the police.

At the time of the perjury left activist thought that saves migrants from the wave of anger that can rise from the nationalist segments of society. This is what happened after it became known about the mass sexual harassment of newcomers to the German in Cologne during the Christmas holidays.

Having been in refugee camps in Kurdistan (Iraq), Celine didn’t want to provoke a new surge of nationalism and hatred. So she wrote a letter to the migrants and posted it on 29 January on the website Facebook. In nationalist circles in the Russian media this appeal Guerin was seen as the apology of the victim before the rape. There was even a sarcastic titles with the words “she loved”.

In fact, in the appeal of Celine it was that the refugees survived in their homeland so much misery and suffering can’t feel safe in Germany because of the diffuse in society xenophobia.

“You are safe here, because we live in a racist society. And I’m not safe because we live in a sexist society,” wrote céline.

At the end of the open letter, she emphasized that migrants are not a problem.” “Most of you wonderful people who have the right to be free and to enjoy the same rights as Europeans, cited the words of Celine edition Breitbart.com.

“Thank you for what you have. I’m glad you came,” concluded the activist left.

Later, the letter was removed from the page of Celine. But it can be found in the cache.

Now she says that a year or two ago, when the hostile attitude towards migrants was not as noticeable, it would not deceive the police regarding the ethnicity of the criminals.

In Germany, migrants raped left activist hid their ethnicity in order not to stir up xenophobia 09.07.2016

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