The German government is preparing a bill banning state officials to wear hats, partially or completely covering the face, according to DW with reference to Der Spiegel.

The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs, participated in the drafting of the bill, said that the ban applies, in particular, and to the clothing worn because of religious beliefs, the burqa or chador.

The text of the law, according to the media, says: “the Coexistence in a free democratic society provides for open and free communication.” According to the authors of the document, the hidden face of “limits of possible experience and allows you to evaluate the person.” Moreover, it complicates the integration process, degrades women and infringes on the rights of the individual.

The bill also provides for the need to open the face during passport control, the trial, and at the polls.

In August, at the conference of the Ministers of the interior at Federal and land Ministers of the interior decided to ban wearing clothing that completely covers the face in public organizations, institutions and schools.

In Germany, officials were forbidden to close the face of the Muslim headgear 22.10.2016

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