German police carried out anti-terrorism raids against a group of Chechens who came to Germany to seek asylum. As AP reports, the police conducted operations in the five regions of the country in Thuringia, Hamburg and North Rhine – Westphalia, Saxony and Bavaria. More than ten natives of Chechnya suspected of financing of terrorism.

At the same time the searches were conducted in 12 apartments and in hostels for refugees. As noted by DW, a joint operation of the German police was a result of the ongoing 2015 investigation against 28-year-old Russian citizen of Chechen origin who is suspected of preparing a serious anti-state crimes and, according to the investigation, was planning to join Syria terrorists banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” (DAIS).

Just the suspicion of supporting terrorists came to the police against ten men and three women, aged 21 to 31 years. All of them are natives of Chechnya and are waiting for response to petition for asylum in Germany.

In the town of Suhl in Thuringia, one person was arrested in the framework of the case under investigation, living in an apartment building. As reports TV channel MDR, from his apartment made the unknown white powder. According to the broadcaster, we are not talking about drugs.

According to the German police, at present, there is no specific evidence about possible terrorist attacks in Germany.

Recently in the country to celebrate the influx of immigrants from Chechnya who come here in search of asylum. In July this year, the Federal office of Germany for refugees and migrants reportedthat about 82% coming from the Russian Federation accounted for the proportion of residents of Chechnya.

According to the German press, the number of applications for refugee status in Germany of immigrants from Russia has been growing for several years. So, for 2013, arrived in the country in total 15 473 a Russian citizen. The reason for the first migration wave, as wrote the magazine Der Spiegel, began the rumors that Berlin is supposedly meets the Chechens with open arms and gives a generous lift. Then, high-ranking representatives of German security authorities suspect that what is happening is the Kremlin, which seeks by all means to destabilize the situation in Germany.

The reporters as one reason for the increased migration of residents of Chechnya pointed to the rapidly deteriorating conditions of life in the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, with the approval of President Vladimir Putin’s “neo-feudal” system. Kadyrov, by the way, believes that is not the case – he called Chechnya “the most stable and developing region.”

In late summer 2016 at the Belarusian-Polish border near Brest there was a large group of Chechens and began to form a spontaneous camp. Several hundred people (the exact number is unknown – according to various sources, the Chechens on the border from 200 to 500, but only in the vicinity of Brest can be up to two thousand Caucasians) wanted to enter the territory of Poland and have requested refugee status but was refused the Polish border guards.

The Polish authorities refused to let the Chechens to themselves. According to the head of the interior Ministry of Poland, the border of the Chechen “refugees” will not, because, first, they don’t run from any war, and secondly, so they want to get into Western EU countries.

In Germany were the raids against Chechens suspected of financially supporting terrorists 25.10.2016

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