In the UK 14-year-old schoolgirl suffering from a rare form of cancer, managed to achieve the right to be frozen after death to get the chance to “resurrection” in the future, reports The Telegraph. However, for this she had to sue his own father.

A man who is sick with cancer and did not communicate with her daughter in 2008, was against the fact that her body has undergone a costly procedure of cryopreservation, fearing that in the future he can present a bill for this service. Mother of the schoolgirl did not oppose the decision of her daughter, but the procedure would have required the consent of both parents, so the girl had to go to court.

In his address to the court, the schoolgirl wrote: “I think that the freeze will give me a chance to be cured and Wake up even after hundreds of years. I don’t want to be buried under the ground. I want to live, and live longer. I think that in the future people will find a cure for my cancer and Wake me.”

On 6 October, the court ruled: justice Peter Jackson ruled that the girl’s mother is the only person entitled to dispose of her body after death. Father Schoolgirls were forbidden to take any attempts for burial the body of his daughter. In the verdict, it was stressed that no decision regarding cryopreservation, the court can not stand.

On 17 October she died. Within a month after her death, operated an injunction against the disclosure of information in the case, after which the data was made public. The names of the schoolgirl and her parents, the court has forbidden to disclose indefinitely.

According to the publication The Telegraph, the diagnosis of “рак2 were delivered to the school in August last year. A year later, doctors found that the treatment yields no results, and stopped. After that, the girl could only wait for death. In the last months of her life, she read a lot about tanks in the Internet and came to the conclusion that maintaining body will give her a chance to return to life – even if this happens in the distant future.

She chose one of the three existing companies that offer to freeze bodies: the cryonics Institute in Michigan (USA). The money to pay for the service – 37 thousand pounds (46 million dollars) – gathered relatives. On the issues of the transfer of his body to the UK a girl contacted a British non-profit organization. About a week after the girl’s death her body was placed in a metal box with 40 kg dry ice and the aircraft sent to the United States. Also before sending the blood in the body of the deceased was replaced by antifreeze, and the body is gradually cooled to a temperature of -70 degrees Celsius.

The Telegraph reports that the dead girl had become the tenth representative of Britain, is subjected to cryopreservation, but so far she is the only child in this list.

Just today in cryogenic storage, only available in the United States and Russia, there are about 350 people. About 20 of them were released and soon will be buried in connection with the bankruptcy of a company with which the deceased was a contract. Two American cryogenic storage body is stored since 1970.

The BBC Russian service says that today about 1250 living already expressed a desire to be frozen after death. In the US, Australia and Europe opening up new centers of cryonics.

In great Britain a schoolgirl has won the right to be frozen after death in order to “Wake up in a hundred years” 18.11.2016

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