President fight club “Ahmad” Abuzaid Vismuradov responded to criticism of the organization of fights with the participation of children of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov in Grozny the President of the Union of mixed martial arts (MMA), the legendary fighter Fedor Emelianenko.

Vismuradov wondered who Emelianenko to evaluate this tournament. And also suggested that Fedor is jealous of the success of the final of the tournament Grand-Prix Akhmat, where he was not invited, and assured that in Grozny will hold those matches that will fit.

10-year-old Ahmad, a nine-year and eight-year-old Zelimkhan Kadyrov Adam on Tuesday held a demonstration fights with peers and won the victory, and Ahmed knocked out his opponent from Sochi already at 14 seconds of the fight.

“The opposition were, again, exemplary character, in order to promote MMA in our country. Feedback about these sparring sessions had positive responses. But somehow, Fedor Emelianenko didn’t like it. The question is, who is he to assess our tournament and fight?” – wrote the President of fight club in Instagram.

On the eve of Emelianenko expressed his indignation at the fact that the fights between the children were real, not significant, although the law to get in the ring boys up to 12 years old is prohibited. He also wondered about the fact that TV channel “Match.The fighter” showed kids fighting in live.

“Maybe he’s jealous because Grand-Prix Akhmat 2016 by many considered the best tournament in the history of Russian MMA, and it was not invited here? Or he was a fighter for justice? Then he needs to remember his last fight where he shamefully lost and was beaten in front of the whole world, but his sales Department decided not to give a deserved victory Fabio Maldonado,” continued Vismuradov.

“I declare, on your tournament, we will continue the fights that you see fit. We do not go beyond the law, but will not allow you to specify yourself what to do. Show me the paragraph where it says that it is impossible to carry out indicative fights, and then continue the conversation,” he concluded.

Recall that in the period from 2003 to 2010 Emelianenko was internationally recognized as the best MMA fighter in the heavyweight division and retained a leading position in rankings of fighters, regardless of weight class. Many experts called him the best MMA fighter in the history of the sport. For nearly ten years Fedor remained undefeated, which is unprecedented in the history of MMA.

The Ministry of sports has requested “full information” about the tournament in Grozny, promised to understand a situation and react to it. The Deputy Minister Pavel Kolobkov confirmed that children under 12 years do not have the right to enter the ring.

“Other organizations without the participation of the Union and inclusion in the calendar does not have the right to hold events for this sport and in violation of the rules,” – said the famous former swordsman swords in interview to Agency “R-Sport”.

In Grozny responded to the criticism of children’s fights Kadyrov: “Who is Fedor?” 06.10.2016

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