In Haiti, the number of victims killed as a result of the ravages of hurricane Matthewhas risen to 108 people. Local authorities expect that the death toll will only increase. Currently, the hurricane approaching the Southeast coast of the USA, reports The Independent.

“This is a catastrophic situation. All is in a critical condition”, – declared the President of Haiti Jocelerme Commitment. The hurricane brought widespread destruction to the Caribbean. About the victims have already been reports, in addition to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The managing Director of the International monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde and the President of the world Bank (WB) Jim Yong Kim has already promised to boost assistance to Caribbean countries, especially Haiti, following the devastating effects of the hurricane, reports Reuters.

“We are ready to act. We have an open line “rapid response”, which can be activated very quickly. In any case we will do our best to help,” explained Lagarde.

In turn, Jim Yong Kim said that already contacted the government of Haiti. “We have offered immediate assistance in the aftermath of the disaster,” he said. According to him, the Bank’s employees already develop work with local authorities. The focus is on recovery plans “of key bridge, which was demolished” by the storm.

The official added that the Haitian authorities submitted a request for compensation from the special “Caribbean collective” Fund of insurance against natural disasters created at the time under the auspices of the world Bank.

According to Jim Yong Kim, preliminary information suggests that the Haitian authorities advance to take precautions when a hurricane was approaching and, in particular, opened up about 1.3 thousand shelters. However, the damage is great, levels are now estimated.

Currently, Matthew is threatening the southeastern States: Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina. There’s already been declared a state of emergency. Florida state of readiness is given 6 thousand reservists of the National guard, local authorities are allowed discretion to temporarily close schools in the event of deteriorating weather conditions.

The number of residents of these States who have received the recommendations of the authorities about the evacuation, has now exceeded 2 million people. Because of the hurricane, many us airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines announced the cancellation or transfers its flights from airports in the South-Eastern part of the United States.

Later President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in Florida due to the impending hurricane and ordered to provide Federal assistance to local authorities. In particular, he instructed the Ministry of national security and the Federal Agency on management in emergency situations to coordinate efforts to combat the possible effects of the elements.

In Haiti more than 100 people died because of hurricane Matthew 07.10.2016

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