Police in Hawaii have detained a man suspected of stealing the spear of the statue of king Kamehameha erected on the island of Hawaii (also known as Big island), reports Yahoo! News with reference to AP.

The detainee may be charged with theft and property damage.

According to the report, the disappearance of the upper section of the spear, which holds the king, said on Sunday, 6 September. Tuesday, September 8, police discovered the loss in the thickets on the banks of the canal that flows behind the statue.

According to police, the upper part of the spear was broken off with the force from the bottom.

The online edition of The Big Island Now reports the name of the suspect is a former Oahu resident, 31-year-old William Roy Carroll.

Kameamea First, he’s Kamehameha Great, the first Hawaiian king, who ruled from 1795 to 1819. Using European weapons and advisers conquered the largest of the Hawaiian Islands and in 1810 joined them in the Hawaiian Kingdom.

For his services Kameamea was nicknamed Pacific Napoleon. His feats are not limited to territorial conquests – he has also been standardized by the legislation that created the tax system and began an active trade with Europe and the USA.

A statue of king in the city of Hilo on the island of Hawaii, attacked by vandal, was erected in 1997.

In Hawaii detained a man suspected of stealing the spear of the statue “Pacific Napoleon” 11.09.2015

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