At 04:30 Moscow time was the start of the 88-th awards ceremony “Oscar”, which is traditionally held at the Dolby theatre in Hollywood. The main intrigue is traditionally associated with the nomination for best picture, but among moviegoers in the first place is another question: whether will be rewarded with statuettes, the actor Leonardo DiCaprio who was nominated for the Academy award for the sixth time.

As expected, Chris Rock was not going to ignore “the elephant in the room” and devoted most of his opening monologue racial scandal: “We want to have the opportunity. So black people had the same opportunities. And that’s it.”

Chris Rock: “We want opportunity.” #Oscars

— ABC News (@ABC) February 29, 2016.

Award winners:

“Best original screenplay” – “In the spotlight” (John singer and Tom McCarthy).

“Best adapted screenplay” – “fall” (Adam McKay and Charles Randolph)

“Best supporting actress” – Alicia vikander (“a Girl from Denmark”)

“Best costume design” – “Mad Max: fury Road”

“Best makeup and hairstyles” – “Mad Max: fury Road”

“Best art Director” – “Mad Max: fury Road”

“Best cinematography” – “the Survivors” (Emmanuel Lubezki)

“Best editing” – “Mad Max: fury Road”

“Best sound editing” – “Mad Max: fury Road”

“Best sound mixing” – “Mad Max: fury Road”

“Best visual effects” – “From the machine” (Ex Machina)

“Best animated film” – “the Bear story”

“Best animated film” – “Puzzle”

“Best supporting actor” mark of the Novella (the”Spy bridge”)

“Best short documentary” – “Girl in water”

“Best documentary” – “Amy”

But for the ceremony so unexpectedly entered big-time politics. Adam McKay and Charles Randolph took advantage of his moment on live TV, was to encourage Americans “not to vote for crazy billionaires, fuelling his fortune at the expense of large banks”, otherwise the country then “will appear in the power of big money”.

When the @BernieSanders campaign briefly invaded the #Oscars:

— Matt Wilstein (@TheMattWilstein) February 29, 2016.

Meanwhile, “Mad Max”, as predicted by some film critics, collecting wins in the technical categories. One of the best fighters of the last year has received “Oscar” for best art Director, best costume design, editing, makeup and hairstyles, as well as for best mixing and sound editing.

The award for best cinematography also received the expected “Survivor” and, in particular, Emmanuel Lubezki – he received the “Oscar” for the third year in a row (in past years for “Birdman” and “Gravity”). The statuette was presented by black actor Michael B. Jordan, the star of the movie “creed”. Or, as he was introduced to Chris Rock, “the one who was to be nominated”.

Oscar for best visual effects has been one of the main underdog according to bookmakers is the film “From the machine” (Ex Machina), talks about the implications of creating true artificial intelligence.

Twins. #Oscars

— ABC News (@ABC) February 29, 2016.

Only the Russians presented the nominees for the “Oscar” statuette spared. The award for best animated short film received a “Bear story” by Gabriel Osorio and Pato Escala, Spain. This is the first “Oscar” in the history of Chile, said the winners. Among feature-length cartoons won “Puzzle”.

Sylvester Stallone was the main favorite for the statuette for her role in “creed: Legacy rocky”, but the Academy was of a different opinion and gave the Oscar to Mark Novella for the role of a Soviet spy in the film “Spy bridge” by Steven Spielberg. The choice of academicians disagreed and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who appealed to Stallone in his Twitter: “For me you are the winner. And no matter what they say.”

.@TheSlyStallone To me, you’re the best, no matter what they say.

— Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) February 29, 2016.

On the eve of the ceremony

The film “Survivors”, the main star of which was Di Caprio, this year is the leader in number of nominations. He declared immediately in 12 categories, including the most prestigious. But if the chances of a talented actor to get the Oscar experts estimate very high, then the rest of the prize “Survivor” will get not just: can prevent the success of last year’s Director Alejandro gonzález iñárritu.

Among the main contenders for the main award – the film “In the spotlight” (Spotlight) and “shorting” (The Big Short). The first tells the story of the journalists of The Boston Globe, revealed a large network of pedophile priests, the second is a satirical Comedy about employees of banks and private investment funds, prabhadevi crisis of 2008.

The chances of the other films for the award for best picture 2015 critics believe ghostly. It’s “Mad Max: fury Road” George Miller, “the Martian” by Ridley Scott, “Spy bridge” by Steven Spielberg, and the drama “Brooklyn” by John Crowley and “the chamber” lenny Abrahamson.

“The room” experts predict another important award – the prize for best female role, which likely needs to obtain 26-year-old brie Larson. She has already been awarded for this role, winning a smaller caliber.

As for the male acting awards, DiCaprio is widely recognized as the main contender to win, although the fans any predictions on this score are doing very carefully – too often Leonardo in such situations was left without an Oscar. With him on the prize claim Matt Damon (“Martian”), Bryan Cranston (“TRUMBO”), Michael Fassbender (“Steve jobs”) and Eddie Redmayne (“the Girl from Denmark”).

Hollywood is abuzz for @TheAcademy Awards and we’ve got the #AwardWinning view @DolbyTheatre @OnTheRedCarpet #Oscars

— Blimp Goodyear (@GoodyearBlimp) January 28, 2016

The Russians can be worried for the sole contender for the “Oscar” from Russia is directed by Konstantin Bronzit, who may receive the award in the category “best animated short film for” work “We can’t live without cosmos”. Earlier this cartoon has already won major festival of animated film in Annecy. It is also possible that “Oscar” can be noted the work of the Director with Russian roots Eugene Afineevsky “Winter on fire” co-production of Ukraine, the UK and the USA, narrating the events on the Maidan.

The master of ceremony this year was the comedian Chris Rock, who because of inflamed racial scandal was in a very difficult position. Comedian from traditional to satire him hard on the edge. The organization of the ceremony will undergo some changes: the winners were asked not to say from the stage dozens of “thank you” and to speak to the point. The thank you’s will be broadcast live on the rear screen during their performances.

In Hollywood started 88-I award ceremony “Oscar” 29.02.2016

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