The court of special administrative region of Hong Kong in China sentenced 31-year-old British financier Rurik Getting convicted of the brutal murder of two citizens of Indonesia on the basis of sadomasochistic sex. One of the victims, the offender was subjected to three days of torture.

According to the court Gatting will serve a life term of imprisonment, writes The South China Morning Post. The jury of four women and five men found him guilty of murder after a four-hour meeting.

In his last word Rurik Jutting pleaded guilty to the crime. He also added that deserves a life sentence in prison.

The banker also asked forgiveness from the relatives of murdered women. However, judge Michael Stuart-Moore did not believe in the sincerity of the killer showing remorse. Stewart-Moore said that Getting made one of the most horrific crimes in the history of justice in Hong Kong.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case in October 2014, Rurik Jutting brought to his apartment the 23-year-old waitress from Indonesia Sumarti, Dingsi. For three days the man was subjected to her tortures. The sadist had used alcohol and cocaine. A small woman, weighing only 37 pounds, couldn’t resist the 90-pound banker.

Later Getting called the incident just love games. However, they concluded that Rurik cut the girl-worker’s head. Then the killer rolled the corpse up in a rug which is put in a suitcase and hid on the balcony.

Having experienced the fun of bullying the girl, the banker turned into a maniac. Already four days later, on October 31, 2014, Getting spent almost seven thousand Hong Kong dollars (900 U.S. dollars) to buy sex toys, nails, hammer and pliers. Then he found himself a new victim, whom he met in the club and Makati Pub & Disco.

29-year-old prostitute Seneng Mugasa was to be a new sex slave the British banker, but the plan Rurik fell through due to the active resistance of women. She began to scream and defend themselves, then Getting slit the girl’s throat (as she was cut buttocks). This happened within 20 minutes after Sening crossed the threshold of the apartment of the banker.

After a suspect is arrested, the police found iPhone Getting, which contained a selfie with one of the dead girls. There are rollers in which the banker has sex with prostitutes and a 20-minute videotape with torture, Dingsi.

The judge described Getting as a sexual predator who, if released, will pose a threat to all workers in the sex industry.

It is known that Seneng lived in Hong Kong for seven years, where he first worked as a maid. The girl regularly sent the earned money to his family living in an Indonesian village. These funds parents Mugasa was going to build a new house. Recent Seneng lived in Hong Kong illegally since her visa was expired.

Sumarti, Ningshi was also a breadwinner for his family. She is survived by her son, who was seven years old.

Shortly before his death, Ningxi complained in a telephone conversation with his father that it pursues the banker, who tries to persuade to marry him.

The banker was named in honor of “symbol of Russian statehood”

Until the summer of 2014, the Cambridge graduate Rurik Jutting lived in Kobama (Surrey in UK). During his studies in College he was Secretary of the University society of historians. Then Getting worked in Barclays Bank in London, and in July 2014 moved to Hong Kong, where he got a job at a branch of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. However, a few days before his detention Gutting was fired from high-paying positions.

According to preliminary data, the dismissal of Gatting from the Bank due to the fact that he had entered into certain transactions on behalf of Merrill Lynch, then there was “uncontrolled stockbroker”. Apparently, Rurik grieved his dismissal. Clients and colleagues have received from Getting the email where he invited them to look for a replacement: “please Contact someone who is not a crazy psychopath”.

One of the former classmates of Rurik claimed that he was the “weird guy”. For example, he chose for himself the terrifying nickname of Kirur, which can be translated as the Killer with a knife. And the school of Rurik called him a homosexual.

In addition, Getting suffered from narcissism, which was formed not without the influence of his mother. She adored her son, which was given the name Rurik in honor of “the great Russian Prince”, writes The Sun. With the name Rurik is associated with the Foundation of the ancient Russian state.

Gatting had a ball after he had bad relationships with girls. First he threw a glamorous model and actress Sonya Dyer, and then – colleague Sarah BATT. In the future, Rurik preferred romance novels sex without commitment. For the evening he could squander on booze and prostitutes about three thousand dollars. Gradually, the banker became obsessed with the idea of hurting women and sadistic sex.

This did not prevent even the fact that Rurik was suffering from sexual dysfunction and was forced to take viagra.

In Hong Kong condemned to life imprisonment by a British banker Rurik Jutting who killed two women workers 09.11.2016

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