In Hong Kong the day before put to sleep the oldest of all giant pandas on the planet, captive. Bamboo bear had to be euthanized to end his suffering. In terms of human age Panda lived 114 years.

Over the past two weeks the state of health of 38-year-old Jia Jia, who lived in Ocean Park Hong Kong (Ocean Park), is rapidly deteriorating, according to Reuters. The daily rate of food intake decreased from 10 kg to less than 3 kg, as told in the zoo. The average weight of a Panda fell from 71 kg to 67 kg.

In the last days of life Jia Jia was awake, and lost interest in food or liquid, said at the theme Park. “This morning (16 Oct. – Approx. her condition became worse. Jia Jia could not move without experiencing difficulties, and spent the day lying down,” Reuters quoted a statement on the website of Ocean Park.

As a result, the veterinarians decided to end the suffering of the 38-year-old Panda. “Her condition became so weakened that for ethical reasons and to prevent the suffering of veterinarians agreed to perform humane euthanasia for Jia Jia”, – reads the statement of the zoo.

Director of veterinary services Park Dr. Paolo Martelli carried out the euthanasia in a cage Jia Jia, about six o’clock Sunday evening, said The South China Morning Post.

The average life expectancy of Panda is 18-20 years under natural conditions and 25 years in captivity. By human standards, Jia Jia crossed the threshold of a great age, having lived to 114 years. It is known that in his old age, Panda was suffering from cataracts in both eyes, arthritis and high blood pressure.

Panda named Jia Jia, which means “good”, was born in the wild in 1978. When she was about two years old, she was rescued in Sichuan province and placed in the Centre for breeding of giant pandas in the reserve WO long Inn. In 1999 China’s Central government gave Jia Jia to Hong Kong together with another Panda in honor of the second anniversary of the release of this territory from the power of former colonial ruler Britain.

Last year in Ocean Park held celebrations on the occasion of 37th birthday Jia Jia. Then the birthday girl set two records – as the oldest living in captivity pandas and as the oldest Panda in history.

According to the world wildlife Fund, pandas are endangered because much of their natural habitat was destroyed by deforestation, agricultural work and construction. According to the government of the PRC, in 2014, in the wild, there were 1,864 pandas, which is 17% more than in 2003. According to the nonprofit organization Pandas International, pandas have a very short breeding season – the female is fertile 24-36 hours per year.

In Hong Kong, the oldest living in captivity giant pandas were subjected to euthanasia 17.10.2016

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