The current coalition government of Iceland will not be able to stay in power after the last Saturday in the territory of the island nation’s parliamentary elections. The Prime Minister Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, said that soon will officially resign.

According to the results of the final counting of votes in all six electoral districts members of the coalition, the centre – right independence Party (PN) and Progressive party (PP), received support of 29% and 11.5% of the vote respectively. Together they can count only 29 seats in the 63-seat unicameral Parliament (Althing), reports TASS with reference to data of the state broadcasting service of Iceland.

“Obviously, I have to meet with the President and give him the mandate of the government. It is obvious also who will need him to turn,” – said the Prime Minister, who also heads the Progressive party.

Typically the President of Iceland appoints to the post the head of the party with the most votes after the elections, giving it the necessary authority for coalition formation. Thus, the right to try to form a government first should go to the chair MON of the Minister of Finance and economy of Iceland Bjarni Benediktsson.

Whom he will take to the allies, is unclear. The pirate party, which won second place in the elections and 12 seats, is a member of the opposition Alliance.

Parliamentary elections in Iceland was initiated after the resignation of Prime Minister Sigmundur of Gunnlaugsson because of the scandal with “the Panama document”. His government could avoid a vote of no confidence, although under public pressure and was forced to appoint by the end of October early elections.

In Iceland after the elections will change the government 30.10.2016

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