In Iceland on Saturday for the parliamentary elections initiated after the resignation of Prime Minister Sigmundur of Gunnlaugsson because of the scandal with “the Panama document”. One of the main intrigue connected with the result of the Pirate party of Iceland, which aspires to the formation of a government, professing the ideas of direct democracy, that is, the majority of matters to a national referendum.

The popularity of the party has grown since April, when because of the scandal with “Panama records” the resignation of the Prime Minister of the country. In may, in the allocation of election funding the party, being the leader of the opinion polls, received the maximum allocation from the budget.

Now the Pirate party 3 of the 63 seats in the Icelandic Parliament. Also the victory in the elections counting center-right coalition led by the independence Party and the Progressive party of Iceland, indicates the BBC Russian service.

According to media reports, before the vote, the Pirate party took the second place in popularity among voters, it was supported by more than 20% of voters. Independence party showed a result of 25%.

The pirate party, founded in 2012 Birgitta Jonsdottir, in favour of direct democracy, greater accountability of government and protects individual freedoms. The pirates demand the introduction of 35-hour work week and the legalization of drugs.

In Iceland holds parliamentary elections with the participation of the Pirate party 29.10.2016

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