The police of Hyderabad has launched an investigation into the death of 13-year-old girl who died last week after a long period of religious fasting. As reported by the BBC, she spent 68 days, eating only one only boiled water. Two days later, after Aradhana Samaria ceased to follow the ritual, she died.

Long post, had a negative impact on the health of the girl. Law enforcement officers intend to find out, did Aradhana the decision to fast on their own or to adhere to a strict diet made her parents. A complaint was filed by the organization for the protection of the rights of the child.

According to the mother and father of the deceased, wealthy jewelers, their daughter fasted voluntarily, respecting the rules of Jainism – one of the most ancient of world religions, which teaches non-harm to all living beings in this world. “She asked permission (to fast. – Approx., – said the head of the family. We asked her to stop after the 51st day, but she didn’t give up. Her post was voluntary. No one forced her.”

Press Secretary of the city police said that the dead girl’s parents – Lakshmi Chand and Munshi Samaria – arrested on suspicion of causing death by negligence and abuse against minors.

According to human rights activists, parents influenced the choice of girls. “The Indian people should be ashamed that such a practice still exists. Gurus her father advised that if the girl will starve within 68 days, his business will be profitable”, – said the activist, achut RAO.

He also criticized the fact that the family Samdariya presented the girl’s death as a “miracle home”, and it is practically called a Saint. “It is shocking that the family is happy that their daughter was lucky to die of the rare death and poison to God”, he added.

Starvation is not an uncommon ritual for other religions – Muslims living without food and water from sunrise to sunset during the Holy month of Ramadan, and Jews fast during Yom Kippur, the Christians there are also the posts. But none of these religions calls to die from hunger. In India about posts discussions. Many experts say that the human body can live without food for two months. However, out of this state carefully and under the supervision of experts.

In India 13-year-old girl died after 68 days of fasting 10.10.2016

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