On Friday, March 18, Indian police arrested a politician that is suspected of causing grave injuries to a police horse, reports the BBC.

According to police, Ganesh Joshi, MP from the ruling Indian people’s party from Mussoorie in the state of Uttarakhand in the North attacked the animal with a stick during protests, resulting in the horse turned out to be a broken leg.

Veterinarians have told reporters that to save the animal’s leg failed – the horse developed gangrene and the limb had to be amputated. The earlier operation did not help – the body started the spread of infection.

Police told the BBC that a search is underway for others involved in the beating of a horse named Shaktiman.

While the Joshi believes the charges are politically motivated. According to him, the video published electronic media, installed with an older recording, on which he raises a stick in front of the horse. The politician claims that this video has no relation to the incident.

“The horse fell down, when someone pulled the seat, then the animal and broke his leg”, he said.

The incident with the horse caused outrage in the Indian media. However, the arrest of a suspect culprit had also provoked discontent among residents of the state.

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