In India, former chief Minister of the Northern state of Haryana, who is serving a sentence for corruption, is in jail at the age of 82 years passed his final school exams, reports the BBC. Om Prakash Chautala for four terms served as Minister, successfully passed the examination test for 12-year curriculum of high school.

Chautala exams in a special centre, national Institute of open schools (NIOS) organized for the inmates of Tihar prison in new Delhi where he is serving a term of the former Minister.

The youngest son of ex-Minister Abhay Chautala explained to the publication Indian Expressthat his father wisely decided to use his prison time. According to men, the elderly prisoner visited the prison library, where he reads Newspapers and books.

Om Prakash Chautala and another 54 people, including the son of ex-Minister, also a politician, was convicted for forgery of documents for hiring 3206 teachers in 1999-2000. As has established investigation, qualified applicants for the position was rejected, and instead hired those who paid bribes.

In 2013, the former Minister and his son Ajay were sentenced to 10 years in prison. The investigation revealed that this Scam cybercriminals earned 1.5 billion Indian rupees (23.4 million USD).

Om Prakash Chautala held the post of chief Minister of Haryana for four terms, from 1989 to 2004.

Basic secondary education in India is obliged to every citizen of the country. Minimum educational level of grade 10. The second stage includes grades 11-12. This stage is preparatory for those who decide to continue their education at a higher education institution.

In India convicted for corruption 82-year-old ex-Minister in prison, passed the final school exams 17.05.2017

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