The construction of ultra high speed Railways in India, which will connect Ahmedabad and Mumbai can cost $ 1 billion more expensive than originally anticipated, as the authorities attended to the cost of land, safety of cows and inattentive pedestrians.

Writes India Today, on the implementation of the ambitious project, reported to the Prime Minister, Narendra modi. According to him, the government insists that the entire 508-km-long corridor was built on a hill, to avoid the legal and environmental consequences. To adapt the project to the new requirements will have Japanese experts.

“Constructing elevated corridor, we will save time and money for the purchase of land. In addition, it will be faster”, – said the publication representative of the Council on rail.

Business newspaper the Australian Financial Review, the opinion which leads to”Interfax”, says that not least in India are concerned about the safety of sacred animals, such as cows. For them the cost of a railway is ready to increase to 16 billion dollars.

Today, the Indian authorities are faced with more than four hundred difficulties in the acquisition of land for railway projects. It systematically leads to cost overruns. The Minister of railway transport Suresh Prabhu Prabhakar said that the bullet train should be launched in 2023.

Initially, Japanese experts assumed that 25% of the railway will be laid on the dais, 64% on the earth’s surface, mostly along the coast, and 6% will be in tunnels, including the 21-kilometer underwater tunnel. All along the route has 12 stations. In accordance with the Memorandum of understanding, the loan agreement will be signed in December 2016. Construction work is scheduled to begin in 2018.

Reportedly, one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects India will contain many new features. Thus, the stations will appear, waiting rooms business class, and booking system will be improved. The number of compartment cars will increase, and the fee for use of credit or debit cards canceled.

In India decided to invest in a high-speed railway another billion to protect sacred cows 02.06.2016

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