Government of India has announced the successful completion of the operation to capture a wild tigress, suspected of killing and eating humans. Large-scale hunting it lasted 44 days and cost the Treasury of 7.5 million rupees (about seven million), reports Hindustan Times.

The incident occurred in the state of Uttarakhand. Tigress was suspected of killing two people. Participation in hunting it took hundreds of people – employees of the forestry Department, and several professional hunters. In addition, for large-scale operations connected the helicopter and drones.

Wednesday, October 19, one of the participants managed to wound the tiger, which disappeared in the reed field. The next day she was tracked down by traces of blood and shot.

According to officials, the killed Cougar was from five to six years. The news of the liquidation of a tigress cheered the local residents, who happily began to dance and to be photographed with the corpse of the predator.

Hindustan Times notes that tigers in India rarely kill people. However, in 2015 there were more than 100 leopards, officially recognized by the cannibals.

The killing of individual predators does not solve the problem, experts say. According to them, the ongoing invasion of human habitats by wild animals leads to reduction of the area of these places and reduce the amount of feed that is forcing tigers to kill people in order to survive.

In India, hundreds of hunters a month and a half chasing a tiger that ate people 21.10.2016

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