At least 200 Muslims left their village in the Indian state of Maharashtra located in the Central part of the country, after the Hindu priest and his friends killed the Muslim folk singer, reports Reuters with reference to police.

The incident occurred on September 27 in the village Dantal, near the India-Pakistan border. Then the Hindu priest has accused folk singer Ahmad Khan in errors during the singing of the hymns dedicated to Hindu goddess.

45-year-old Khan belonged to the community who sang Hindu religious songs and spiritual songs in the temples and at festivals for many generations. The priest Ramesh Soutar offered to make changes to the hymns, of which a quarrel broke out. During the scuffle Soutar and his friends broke musical instruments and Khan killed the singer.

As a result, relations between Hindus and Muslims for decades lived peacefully together in the village, escalated. Sutara was arrested accomplices of a priest disappeared, they were looking for. Muslims out of fear of reprisals from the relatives of the murderer and other Hindus decided to leave the village.

The authorities of the state to protect the Diaspora were sent to the region war, but Muslims, fearing for their lives, refused to return home.

It is noted that the crime was the latest in a series of incidents of harassment of Muslims in the United States that are managed by supporters of the nationalist party “Bharatiya Janata” (Indian people’s party) Prime Minister of India Narendra modi.

Since coming to power in 2014 party “Bharatiya Janata” violent groups Hindus have committed numerous attacks on Muslims, accusing them of eating beef or killing cows. In Hinduism cows are considered sacred animals, and in some States, their slaughter is forbidden.

In India Muslims flee after a conflict with the Hindus and the murder of folk singer 11.10.2017

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