Indian police shot and killed eight prisoners who escaped from prison. The fugitives were members of Student Islamic movement of India (SIMI), killed the jailer, and gave armed resistance to the guards.

The escaped prisoners managed to detect and block in the village Antchev state of Madhya Pradesh, writes The Indian Express.

“We found those eight prisoners. They opened fire on us. All of them were killed during the shooting,” said inspector-General of police Bhopal Yogesh Chaudhary.

According to police, on Monday, the inmates of the prison in Bhopal cut the throat of the guard in the rank of senior constable and also tied his colleague. Then, the criminals left the confines of the penitentiary using a bunch of sheets with which they managed to climb over a high wall.

The head of the regional government of shivraj Singh Chowhan congratulated guards on the successful completion of a special operation to search for fugitives. He also discussed the situation with the interior Minister of India Rajathan Singh and asked him to entrust further investigation to the employees of the National investigation Agency (NIA).

It is known that the prisoners killed were activists of the banned Student Islamic movement of India (SIMI), founded in 1977. Authorities suspected that SIMI is involved in several explosions. In particular, the SIMI activists accused in the 2003 terrorist attack in Mumbai, when killed 65 people. However, the group rejected any involvement in the attacks, reports the BBC Russian service.

Three of the escaped prisoners on Monday, has already participated three years ago in the escape from another prison. Then they escaped through the tunnel.

In India police killed in shootout 8 Islamists who escaped from prison after killing a security guard 31.10.2016

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