In the South of India in the national Park “Bannerghatta” , 30 km from Bangalore, two white tiger cub bitten to death 35-year-old caretaker for the animals to Humanoid Devaraj. The family of the deceased is dissatisfied with how it was organized work of a beginner, taken to the post only a week ago in the Park expect to appease their compensation, reports The New Indian Express.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening, October 7, and then this was reported by local media, including One India and The Times of India, and it was reported that the staff member is 40 years or 41 years. Now clarifies that he was 35 years old.

The Rangers promised that, in addition to compensation for the family, they will find the work of the eldest son of Anjaneya Devaraja. Reportedly, the deceased’s two sons, Devaraj and Dharamraj. Brother killed the guard Dharmaja told The New Indian Express that the Park should take steps to avoid such incidents.

“Anjana died when senior guard Naranappa was not in place. My brother didn’t know about the security measures that must be taken into Safari, because it just started a week ago,” he said, adding that the brother was supposed to help feed the tigers meat.

The family was unhappy that the Rangers moved the body to hospital, not informing them. Police Bannerghatta said that while it determines whether there has been negligence on the part of the management of the national Park. After the autopsy the body returned to the family.

As reported by The Hindu, the staff held an impromptu strike, when I learned that Safari Sunday closed.

A resident of the colony khaki Picchi Anjana Devaraja was killed by tigers when he went to feed them, according to others – to clean the cage. Two 18-month-old tiger attacked him and bit his throat, before dragging the Safari zone. “When Anjana screamed, the tigers got mad and dragged him in the Safari zone, he died of his wounds,” – said in the Park.

According to the statement of the Park responsible for the employee who left the gate separating the animals from the feeding area. Anjana died on the spot, before his senior Manager could come to the rescue. As reported by The Times of India, he commissioned this work Anjaney because his assistant was on vacation. Clarifies that the victim started to this job only from 1 October, and before that worked as a security guard.

Executive Park Director Santosh Kumar on the question of why an inexperienced inspector was sent to feed the tiger, said that there were experienced and tigers “it is also persecuted, but he managed to find a safe place.” “We are investigating”, he added.

In India white tigers have been killed had come to feed them the employee of the national Park 09.10.2017

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