In Indonesia, the tourist has suffered from the attack of the Komodo dragon. The lizard pounced on a 50-year-old man from Singapore in the national Park “Komodo” located between the provinces of East and West Nusa Tenggara.

A man was shot on camera, as several lizards eat, according to Yahoo News , citing AFP. At this point one of the Komodo dragons attacked tourist.

The man suffered a serious left foot injury. The victim was sent to the hospital by helicopter.

However, the local residents had warned the man that he did not come to the giant Indonesian monitor lizards too close. “He was too busy taking pictures and ignore what is happening around,” said Director Park.

The Komodo dragon is considered a vulnerable species, that is, may be under threat of extinction if the number of individuals will not increase. National Park “Komodo” and in its neighborhood there are about five thousand of these lizards. Komodo dragons are known for their aggressiveness, but deadly attacks on humans are rare.

In Indonesia, a tourist was attacked by a Komodo dragon 04.05.2017

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