Led by Saudi Arabia, the Arab coalition that is fighting against the Yemeni rebels, the Houthis, announced the beginning of the investigation airstrike on funeral procession in Sanaa that killed more than 140 people. The official message conveyed by the news Agency Saudi Press Agency. The investigation will involve U.S. experts, points out Yahoo News , citing AFP. In the US administration stated that it will review the principles of support for the Arab coalition.

Saturday’s tragedy has become one of the most bloody for all the attempts of the coalition headed by Saudi Arabia to cope with the capture of Yemen’s rebel Houthis of the movement “Ansar Allah”. According to Yemeni media, the number of victims of the massive airstrike exceeded 200 people, more than 500 injured. The aircraft struck several blows on the building, which hosted the ceremonies on the occasion of the death of his father “the Minister of internal Affairs of Jalal Ali ar-Louisana” in the newly-formed government of the Houthis. Among the dead were the mayor of Sana’a, Abd al-Qader Hilal.

AFP notes that initially, the coalition was rejected the fact that the impact in the area. It was later issued a message on the investigation: “the Coalition immediately investigates this case with the participation of a joint team to investigate incidents in Yemen, and experts from the USA who took part in previous investigations. The coalition is ready to provide the team of investigators all data and information related to military operations (that took place on Saturday) at the incident and surrounding areas. The result of the investigation will be published immediately after its completion”.

US to cut aid

The United States may reconsider supporting the Arab
the coalition after it struck at civilians, said
The national security Council of the United States.

As stated the representative of the NSS, Ned Price, the current incident as well as all previous force Washington to “immediately reconsider” the support of Saudi coalition. This support, the official said, had already been significantly reduced.

Price also called on both parties to the conflict for an immediate ceasefire.

In investigating an air strike on a funeral ceremony in Yemen will take part USA 09.10.2016

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