In Iran, a Sharia court sentenced three Christians to 80 lashes, accusing them of drinking wine during the sacrament.

According to the British newspaper The Daily Mail, defendants Yasser Nasibzade, Saeb Fadeyi and Mohamed Reza Omidi who converted to Christianity from Islam, was arrested in may 2016 in a home Church in the city Rest. Now on the court, they will be subjected to public flogging by the police, after the execution will remain under arrest.

The fact that although Christians in Iran, in contrast to Muslims, are allowed to consume alcohol, this does not apply to converts to Christianity Muslims – they still have the status of Muslims and the jurisdiction of the Sharia courts.

Home Church, where he was arrested three accused, is widespread in Iran, where the transition of Muslims to another religion is not only condemned, but also often punishable by death as apostasy. However, in recent years, Iranian courts sentenced Christian converts to long terms of imprisonment.

The pastor of the home Church in Nadarkhani Rest, Joseph and his wife Fatima were also arrested and their house searched. Charge them are not yet filed, but the priest can be punished with a sentence of the Revolutionary court, whose jurisdiction includes specific crimes, including against the state.

Only in Iran there are about 300 thousand Christians. In 2015, at least 108 of them were arrested by the police for violations related to their faith. About 90 people were flogged for religious beliefs.

In Iran, a Sharia court sentenced three Christians to 80 lashes for partaking of the wine at communion 17.11.2016

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