In Iran investigating the brutal murder of the minor girl, whose family fled from Afghanistan. According to preliminary data, the immigrant raped and killed a young Iranian. He then tried to get rid of a corpse by dissolving it in liquid caustic.

Victim offender became a six-year-old Sites Karachi living in the suburbs of Tehran. On 9 April, the girl went to the store to buy ice cream and disappeared, writes The Los Angeles Times.

According to police, an Afghan girl was abducted minors neighbour is Iranian. According to official data, he was 17 years old. But the mother of the suspect claims that he is two years less.

The attacker raped the victim and then stabbed her. The dead young man laid in the bath, which is filled with acid. However, to quickly dissolve the remains of the teenager failed. Panicky by, he was called to the scene, the neighbor, and he reported the incident to the parents of the suspect, who informed the police.

At present, the suspect arrested. His father said that his son disgraced his family and now must be punished.

The brutal crime has caused the big public resonance. Many also spoke of the plight of millions of Afghan refugees living in the Islamic Republic and discriminated against. In social networks in the Internet started the campaign under the slogan “I – Sites”.

“Any action directed against Afghans who are our guests, stigmatized us all”, – with such words has addressed to the Iranian nation Hassan Khomeini, grandson of Grand Ayatollah and leader of the Islamic revolution Ruhollah Khomeini.

Vice-President of Iran shahindokht Mollaverdi condemned the “cowardly murder” girls, migrant and assured that the guilty receive punishment commensurate to his act.

However, in Afghanistan and Iran, many doubt that this promise will be fulfilled, because in practice in Iranian society with a high level of hostility to migrants are Afghans.

According to one of participants of the action of memory was held near the Embassy of Afghanistan in Tehran, the police approached the crowd and asked why they protect the Afghans if they “commit many crimes in Iran.”

According to the international Human rights organization Human Rights Watch, the Islamic Republic more than three million Afghan refugees, two million of them are illegal.

The first wave of Afghans poured into Iran during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980-ies. Then the flow of migrants has decreased, but in recent months, many residents of Afghanistan were again to leave the country and go to the West, escaping from the war and the problems caused by the stagnation of the economy. People are leaving Afghanistan amid an increasingly active fighting between government troops and the insurgents, not the Taliban.

Most Afghans in Iran are street vendors, construction workers and laborers. It is difficult to find a permanent job, to get education. In addition, the Afghans live in fear of being detained and deported.

More recently, the Afghans were allowed to bring their children to Iranian schools. However, migrants are still forbidden to have a Bank account and purchase mobile phones in his name.

In 2013, human rights defenders conducted a survey among the refugees and found that one in three of them faced physical violence.

Two years ago it was reported that about three thousand Afghans were thrown into an Iranian prison for various offenses. While some migrants were executed, but no statistics death sentences in Iran are not kept.

In several cities of Afghanistan after the death of Sites Karachi residents protested, demanding from Kabul to put pressure on Tehran, the Iranians had softened their attitude towards refugees.

According to the participant of such shares held in Herat, the Iranians are using “double standards”: the Afghan, even for a small crime awaits punishment, but if the same deed a citizen of Iran, the authorities close on it eyes.

Similar idea was expressed by a well-known Iranian poet and composer Golrou Yagma, who described his countrymen as an ardent xenophobe. “Do You agree or not, we are racists who are proud of their history, ancient States and their rulers,” wrote Golrf on the page in Instagram.

The Iranian press also has a version, according to which murdering the girls can not stand the contempt for outsiders, and the corrupting influence of Western technology and culture. It is alleged that the teenager attacked the girl under the impression from watching pornography on the Internet.

The investigation intends to monitor Iranian parliamentarians. They also recalled that “the judicial system of Iran sees no differences between Iranian and Afghan”.

In Iran teen raped 6-year-old Afghan refugee and tried to dissolve her in acid 22.04.2016

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