In Iran the students of the famous Quran reciter Saeed Tusi has accused him of sexual harassment. The Iranian edition of”voice of America” has published an interview with several young Iranians who blame Tusi rape.

As marks NEWSru Israel, the 46-year-old Tusi – favorite reciter of Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In particular, he represented the Islamic Republic at the international competitions of readers of the Quran, repeatedly winning first place. Khamenei even called him a role model for young people.

However, students Tusi claim that he was involved in serious crimes. According to young people for the past seven years a teacher had raped at least seven boys aged 12-14 years. As stated in the article on the website “voice of America”, the Prosecutor’s office aware of the sexual offences reciter of the Koran, but the case is being investigated by order of the Supreme leader. As evidence of this claim was presented an audio recording in which, allegedly, Tusi admits that Khamenei, in the course of events.

He said Tusi rejects the charges against him, calling them “lies and fiction”, reports “Radio Azattyk”.

Court spokesman Mohseni Hojatoleslam Adjei, commenting on the scandal reported that four claimants filed charges against Tusi. He did not say what specific charges can bring to a reader of the Koran, saying only that Tusi was under investigation for “corruption of morals”. Ejei confirmed that, according to the court, Tusi will not be prosecuted for “acting against public morality”. As explained by the press Secretary of the court, were brought against him accusations which are difficult to prove.

One of the Complainants, quoted the Persian service of BBC, said that Tusi had assaulted him twice. According to the alleged victim, it happened five or six years ago when he was 12 or 13 years. The applicant said that Tusi asked him “unusual issues,” including sexual maturity, then taken to the public bath, where he sexually assaulted. The young man admitted that he decided to publish the information after he learned that through these were other people.

Said Tusi said he would publicly defend himself. In a statement posted news Agency ISNA, Tusi warned that it would take “steps in the framework of the law” to save his reputation, and expressed the hope that they can successfully overcome this heaven-sent test. The reciter of the Qur’an assured that he never made “such sins” and “actions that are incompatible with godliness.”

In Iran, the famous reciter of the Qur’an was accused of sexual violence against children 26.10.2016

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