In Iran, the scandal around the decision of the management of one of the schools to be subjected to corporal punishment children whose parents have not paid tuition. It is reported by The Independent citing publications in the Iranian media.

The incident occurred in the village of Mokhtabad in the southern province of Kerman. Ten Schoolgirls struck eight lashes each for what their parents gave school administrators the sum of $ 300 thousand Iranian riyals (612 rubles).

When exactly the incident occurred is unknown. The news Agency Tabnak reported on 9 October.

The publication stated that the school demanded that the parents helped the institution financially, and several times reminded of the need to pay. When persuasion did not work, the principal of the school ordered to flog those kids whose parents refused to pay and kick them out of school, says the website of the opposition organization “national Council of resistance of Iran” (NCRI).

Information about the incident was picked up by other media. So, Iranian news Agency Farda published a letter written by one of the disciples who became witnesses of the incident and outlined everything on paper.

The reporters talked to by the girls who told how it was. The video recording of the conversation posted on the web. The video quickly spread in social networks and caused a storm of condemnation of users outraged by the actions of school officials.

The school, however, denied all the accusations, according to Tabnak.

Meanwhile, the NCRI argued that the parents of battered children has threatened never to allow them to study if they are not refuted made by the children of the statement.

In Iran whipped ten girls whose parents have not paid tuition 14.10.2016

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