In Saint-Petersburg and Irkutsk police are looking for the crook who took from unsuspecting victims jewelry in exchange for a promise to remove the damage. In both cases the victims were young women who wanted to get rid of it.

21-year-old student of Irkutsk University wrote a statement about the theft of jewelry worth 25 thousand rubles the night before in the police Department N7 intermunicipal Department of the MIA of Russia. As it turned out, the crook met the student on Sovetskaya street, talked with her and promised to save her from disease, after which she gave her all her jewels, reports the website of the Moi in the Irkutsk region.

Searches of the swindler are the crews of the traffic police and patrol service. Employees of criminal investigation establish the witnesses and eyewitnesses of the incident. The police of the Irkutsk region recommended to the citizens “in any case not to talk to passersby about the removal of damage or any other disease”. “Only the vigilance and care will not enable you to get on tricks of swindlers”, – said the interior Ministry.

A similar case occurred in the Kirov district of St. Petersburg, where the victim became 16-the summer girl. The police asked her mother, 42-year-old nurse is one of the dental clinics, reports the St. Petersburg website Konkretnego. She stated that on 3 November at the house 30 along the street Soldier korzuna to her 16-year-old daughter stuck a Gypsy healer, which she gave a bag of jewels in exchange for “hex removal”. “Fontanka” said that the jewelry belonged to the mother of the girl and disappeared after making a “rite of passage”.

The damage amounted to 62.6 thousand rubles. The crook is about 40 years old, and her Gypsy looks and low growth. She was dressed in dark clothes. Distinguishing features of the schoolgirl remember a gold tooth.

According to the same site, in late October, a student from Pushkin became a victim of Gypsy fraudsters and lost more than half a million rubles. 21-year-old freshman at the Institute, which trains lawyers and entrepreneurs, October 21, brought to my apartment on School street Gypsy who promised her “to remove terrible damage” with her and with the family.

Gypsy demanded to collect all the money and valuables in the house and give her “to clean”. Received 520 thousand rubles and jewelry, Gypsy wrapped them in a handkerchief. Pocheptsov on the package, the crook gave it back to the girl, telling not to start for two days, and left. When she untied the handkerchief, he found money and jewelry missing along with the “healer”. The total damage amounted to 819 thousand rubles.

Such cases occur in different Russian cities regularly on the websites of some regional boards even posted a memo for citizens on how to behave with the Gypsies, who stick with the proposals to remove the damage or cure from diseases.

So, Tyumen security officers are recommended to protect yourself from hypnosis, which is owned by Gypsies, these ways: it is not possible to engage with Gypsies in the conversation because “as your answer to any question means you have already fallen under their influence”; it is impossible to grasp the essence of what was said, and if the Gypsy woman is still forced to answer, never say “Yes” to all questions asked in the negative; you can’t allow Roma women to touch you. Police also recommended to deal with Gypsies and rough
shower them with curses, because “Gypsies are most afraid to bring a curse on his family”.

In Irkutsk and St. Petersburg are searching for “healers” who have stolen the jewels during the ceremony of removal of damage 04.11.2016

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