In Irkutsk the hostel, which cut off electricity, has appealed for help to President Vladimir Putin, writing on the roof of the building the phrase “SOS Putin, help”, reports IA “Teleinform”</u>. According to the newspaper, talking about the hostel is located on the territory of the former Irkutsk higher military aviation engineering school.

In 2009, the school was disbanded, more than two thousand cadets and officers ivvaiu was relocated to Voronezh, and the building of the school went to the region, according to FlashSiberia.

Three hostels were occupied by the people from among the former civil servants ivvaiu. According VladTime.ruin the building referred to continue to live 27 families. Some time ago the city administration has recognized the building in an emergency, but to move people ever.

In April this year the Commissioner for human rights in the Angara region Valery Lukin was sent to the Prosecutor of the military Prosecutor of the Irkutsk garrison Andrew Surikovu the letter with the request to take measures of public Prosecutor’s reaction on the issue of mass and gross violations of the rights of tenants of one of the buildings of the former hostel ivvaiu.

However, recently the company “Oboronenergo” cut off the building from the electricity. The officials explained that the company has no contractual relationship with the tenants.

Meanwhile, in Irkutsk the first snow fell. “The nights are already freezing temperatures. Heating in our hostel. The rooms are very cold. As there is no electricity, and heaters we are unable to include. To eat yourself to cook on the gas stove. I’m not talking about the fact that this building from day to day may collapse,” – said one of the residents of the hostel to radio “Liberty”.

After the news about the appeal to the President of Russia appeared in the media, local authorities dealt with the issue of Irkutsk higher military aviation engineering school. According the hostel, located on site in the near future intend to connect to heating systems and energy supply. In addition, the city began to actively work with tenants in the building Fund for maneuvering.

The people are not the first who tries to attract the attention of the head of state, after the intervention which, as we know, in a short time solved even the most complex problems.

In April of last year, Putin in a similar way were called the builders of the Vostochny space centre. They wrote with white paint on the roof of the residential cabins stroygorodok in the Amur region the message to the President six-foot letters that could be seen from a great height. “Dear Vladimir Putin, Save the workers. I want to work. 4 months without wages,” – reads the inscription. In the end workers the money paid, although it was not so fast.

This year the residents of Birobidzhan made two inscriptions on the cover of the old bridge across the river Bira – “Jack, where’s the road?” and “Putin SOS make a bridge.” The first sentence was addressed to the mayor of the city Eugene Korosteleva, and the second is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In Stary Oskol unemployed drivers built buses in the inscription “Putin, help”.

In Irkutsk inhabitants of the disconnected hostels wrote on the roof “SOS, Putin, help!” 03.10.2016

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