Employees of Department on Affairs of minors of intermunicipal AMIA OP N9 “Irkutsk” carried out a preliminary examination on the fact of infliction of bodily injury to the girl during the training sessions. According to preliminary data, the victim was severely beaten by her 15-year-old classmate. The actions of the teenager was captured on camera and videos published in the press.

“At the end of testing and making the legal decisions will also decide on the appropriateness of setting the minor on the account in police,” reports the official website of the regional Moi.

The quarrel of the disciples took place on November 7 in model school-Lyceum N47 the solar neighborhood in Irkutsk. In the end, the student attacked his classmate.

“A girl the same day went to the hospital, where doctors recorded the hematoma lips,” – said in a press release.

Witness the beating of steel the other disciples, who were at that moment in the classroom. One of them was filming the incident on camera, and the video posted in one of the groups messenger Viber. Then the video was published by a news Agency Irk.ru.


According to the staff, the teen girl struck no less than ten punches after the victim splashed his way up with water. The beating continued, although the girl didn’t resist and squatted, trying to shut down from shock. When other students have dragged the attacker from a classmate, he gave the girl a kick.

The police said that the victim and her relatives to the law enforcement agencies are not addressed. However, the basis for the audit was the telephone message received by the police from the facility.

“Currently, inspectors on Affairs of minors conduct explanatory work with the teaching staff of the school, students and parents in order to exclude such cases”, – concluded the Department of the interior, commenting on the beating of a schoolgirl.

Director of educational institutions Hope tyutrina confirmed the information about the fight of students. The conflict occurred in the first day of school after the holidays among pupils of 9-th class. The school soon learned about the incident.

“Today is absolutely all the work: the inspector on Affairs of minors, Prosecutor’s office, investigative Committee – that is, without attention it will not stay in any case. All will be punished, – said the Director. Today the police decides what to do with the ninth, because it is a serious responsibility, it is a hard-hitting video, and it needs to be punished.”

Education center N47 opened in September 1991 as an experimental all-day schools N47 humanitarian-aesthetic orientation. The status of “Centre of education” has the school in 2002 according to the results of the state assessment.

The first Director was appointed Valery Stepanov, honored teacher of the Russian Federation, who led the institution from 1991 to 1999. For creativity, success in training and education the school has been repeatedly awarded the title “school of the year” (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999), and in 2001 – “School of the century”.

In 1998 and 1999, the school became the winner of the national competition “Beautiful school”, organized the International conference “Beautiful school – school of the XXI century” of the European forum for Freedom in Education.

In 2004, the institution entered the top ten finalists of the competition “Best schools of Russia”, in 2006 – the winners of the competition for state support of educational institutions, implementing innovative programs, received a grant of one million rubles.

“The national recognition of the ensemble “Sirin”, “Fantasy”, club of ballroom dance, high school musical theater “Blue bird” art Studio, which became laureates of various festivals and competitions”, – informs about the school N47 “Ikipedia”.

The school N47 is a center of additional education with five departments (vocal, dance, arts and crafts, theatre, sports), children’s cultural centre “Friendship”, a children’s recreation camp “Baikal” school TV “Lyceum”.

School enrolled 1800 students and employs seven teachers, the winners of the prize of the President of the Russian Federation.

Since 2001, the school is a collective member of International Academy of Sciences of pedagogical education, member of the international project “UNESCO Associated schools”, coordinating the work of the region “Sakha-Baikal-Vostok”.

It is noteworthy that parents appreciate the atmosphere in which their children study. During the survey, about 90% of adults responded that their child is in the environment classmates “feels comfortable” and his class “can be called friendly”. These data are presented in the report of the school for the 2015-2016 academic year posted on the website of the educational center.

In Irkutsk school 15-year-old student was beaten in the class a girl (VIDEO) 17.11.2016

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