In the Israeli town of Yahud, where archaeologists have made an unusual discovery: they found a jug, made about 3800 years ago, reports NEWSru Israel.

The pottery was decorated with a figure of a man sitting in a thoughtful pose, reminiscent of the pose of the famous sculpture “the Thinker” by Rodin.

The find was made on the last day of excavations at the site of construction of a new residential area. Specialists of the Department of antiquities carried out excavations together with the students.

“Our eyes from the ground appeared a jug with a figurine. Its height is 18 centimeters. Most likely, the figurine is made specially to decorate the ceramic vessels,” – said the head of the excavation Gilad in It.

He noted the incredible plasticity of the image, the proportionality of the trunk and extremities, the accuracy of conveying the emotional state of a person, lost in thought. “Perhaps the figure was not created by the Potter, the sculptor,” It added.

Auguste Rodin is considered one of the founders of modern sculpture. The work of Rodin is located at the crossroads of realism, romanticism, impressionism and symbolism. Among the major works of Rodin’s sculpture “the Thinker,” “burghers of Calais” and “the Kiss”. The sculpture “the Thinker” was created in 1880-1882. The original sculpture is on display in the Rodin Museum in Paris.

In Israel, archaeologists have discovered “the figure of the thinker”, created over four millennia before the creation of Rodin 24.11.2016

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