Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who visited last week, Israel gave the research of unmanned helicopter cost 200 thousand shekels (about 52 thousand USD), belonging to the agricultural Institute Volcano, reports NEWSru Israel. Meanwhile, the expert explained in the editorial that the Prime Minister was gifted equipment dual-use, not intended for sale to Russia.

About expensive gift also wrote newspaper Calcalist, the portal Ynet and said the radio station “Reshet bet”. According to press reports, the drone was presented to the head of the Russian government Minister of agriculture of Israel, URI Ariel during a visit by Medvedev to the exhibition of agricultural technologies in Beit-Dagan, located about 10 km South-East from the city center of tel Aviv.

We are talking about the Sniper drone manufactured by the Spanish company Alpha Unmanned Systems. 16-pound helicopter capable of lifting cargo weighing up to 2.5 pounds and can stay aloft for up to two hours. Equipped with an infrared camera Flir SC 655 and on-Board computer of the UAV was successfully tested in Israel last summer.

According to the media, employees of the Institute had not expected such generosity from the Minister tried to dissuade him, but failed to do so. In the end, Medvedev left the exhibition with expensive “toys” that claimed his aides.

The very same URI Ariel said that the decision to present a gift to Medvedev approved by the authorities. He also explained that the Institute Volcano in the near future will be purchased a new helicopter.

In August, the company Alpha Unmanned Systems, reportedthat Israel acquired two of the unmanned helicopter Sniper for agriculture. However, the media claimed that the helicopter had of the Institute of Volcano in a single copy. As Ynet notes, because of the loss of the helicopter will be suspended for a year of studies with this technique Institute.

Expert: Medvedev gave the UAV dual-use, not intended for sale Russia

A leading Russian expert on unmanned aircraft technology, the chief editor of the specialized website Denis Fedutinov, commenting on NEWSru Israel information about the gift to Medvedev, the assumption that the Minister could not know that gives Israeli UAVs.

As explained by Fedutinov, UAV Sniper is a dual-purpose system and can be used in solving the civilian tasks and military purposes. Such a dual purpose complicates the acquisition of such equipment. In particular, to export the system abroad, customers are required to provide end-user certificate, and a helicopter donated by Medvedev, was apparently not set, the Russian operator said the expert.

Press Secretary of the Institute of Volcano Naama Rosenberg said NEWSru Israel, because of the delicacy of the topic management, it was decided not to make any comments about the gift to Medvedev.

Vulkani Institute is engaged in research and development in the field of agriculture. Named after the agronomist Yitzhak Volcano, who in 1921 founded the first research station. In the 70 years the station evolved into a large complex. Currently it includes several research stations and experimental farms.

Medvedev visited Israel on three-day visit last week. In particular, he held talks with President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In Israel, Medvedev gave an unmanned helicopter agricultural Institute, found the press 14.11.2016

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