The Ministerial legislative Committee of Israel 13 Nov 2016 approved a bill to ban the use of loudspeakers to call the faithful to prayer, called the “law of muezzins”, after he received support from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reports NEWSru Israel.

Speaking to the legislative Commission, Netanyahu expressed solidarity with the authors of the legislative initiative: “this noise everyone suffers – Jews, Muslims, Christians. I’ve lost count how many times I was asked to solve the problem.”

The bill submitted by the Deputy mochi Jogawa (party “Bayt Yehudi”) and supported by a number of MPs from the coalition, in particular by Robert Filatovym (the party “Israel Our home”), States that “hundreds of thousands of citizens suffer daily from noise produced by the muezzins of the mosques”, said IsraelInfo. And above all, the residents of mixed cities such as Lod.

Lod mayor Yair Ravivo in an interview with the radio station of the IDF “Galei TSAHAL” noted that the bill is environmental, not religious: “I like the mayor as well fight the noise of the night karaoke parties in the Jewish sector”. “We cannot allow our entire village woke up at 5 in the morning with the calls of the muezzin”, he added.

In turn, the Arab Muslim politicians, representing in Parliament the interests of 17.2% of the population of Arab Muslims living in Israel, opposed the bill, calling it discriminatory.

The head of United Arab list Aiman UDA is confident that it “damages the freedom of religion”: “Instead of trying to promote multiculturalism and embrace the diversity of cultures, the Netanyahu government continues persecution, and this time hits the freedom of Islam in Israel.” Calling the bill “racist” and “populist”, Aiman UDA expressed the belief that it will create an atmosphere of hatred against the Arabs. The mayor of the Bedouin Rate, in turn, also opposed the bill, noting that “whoever came up with this law, wants to attack freedom of religion”.

However, the authors of the bill, denying the allegations of violation of religious freedom put forward by the deputies of the United Arab list, said that “freedom of religion should not degrade the quality of life of citizens.”

Due to the objection of Muslims, the authors of the bill offered a compromise: limit the ban on calls to prayer through a loudspeaker, the period from 23 PM to 7 am. Moreover, citing a similar law passed in Egypt, it is proposed to invite the faithful to prayer through mobile apps.

Earlier the Israel democracy Institute has not supported the bill. The Israeli newspaper Maariv quoted Professor Nasrine Hadad Haj-Yahia, believing that the real purpose of the bill is “not a prevention of noise and creating such a noise that hurt all of society and nullify the efforts to calm relations between Jews and Arabs.”

Recall that such an initiative has already been expressed in Israel, including at the level of Prime Minister of the country, for example, in 2011, but then the bill was not approved.

In Israel, the call to prayer in the mosques will be quieter to not disturb the residents, like karaoke 14.11.2016

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