Israeli journalist David Suleiman decided to make a bold experiment to test the security of airport tel Aviv. He got fake documents to work as a cleaner and actually repeated the actions of terrorists, bomb on Board a Russian Airbus A321 aircraft exploded in the sky over Sinai. Suleiman freely able to visit aboard 12 aircraft, and even carried “explosives,” reports The Times co Israel.

When Suleiman took the job, he showed the identity card of his friend Yaniv Tamir. As noted in the report, Channel 2 TV, Tamir does not like Suleiman: he has thick dark hair, glasses and a dark face; Suleiman bald, his eyes bright. However, the documents did not cause suspicion, and journalist with them managed to pass all the tests of security.

A journalist-cleaner was almost all airport premises, including in closed areas. He told me that the experiment lasted two days, during which he wandered through the airport quite freely, without appealing to their presence of security personnel. In the end, the journalist still opened.

Suleiman said that he could get on Board almost any plane and even help the staff with their Luggage. He also took video of how he carries on a few planes cans of soda that you can conceal an explosive device. Note that on Board the Russian plane exploded just such a pipe bomb.

The experiment was really successful: the airport authority has assured that he will make every effort to avoid such incidents. Director General of the Association of Israel’s security and the former head of security at the airport Pini Shif said that to identify Suleiman “was immediately” and accused the contractor of negligence in the hiring process of employees.

It should be noted that for a journalist, his antics also will be consequences – David Suleiman submitted the statement to the police.

Recall that the A321 of airline “Kogalymavia”, flying from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed on 31 October 2015 in the North of the Sinai Peninsula. Onboard there were 217 passengers and seven crew members, they all died. Responsibility for the plane crash was assumed banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group Islamic state (DAISH). The militants said that in this way took revenge for airstrikes in Syria.

According to terrorists, they managed to blow up aircraft using homemade bombs disguised as a can of soft drink Schweppes Gold (last year was circulated photo of the alleged bomb – the photo shows the Bank out of the drink with a volume of 0.33 l, and wire, a long metal cylinder and black plastic device that looks like a detonator). The explosive device was placed aboard with the help of airport staff.

In Israel, the journalist under the guise of cleaner airport was visited by 12 aircraft and carried “the bomb” on Board 12.07.2016

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