Italian police arrested the head of a mafia clan, which is included in the list of the hundred most dangerous criminals in the world. In the hands of law enforcement officers came Antonio Pelle, nicknamed Mom, writes il At the time of arrest he was hiding in the narrow gap between the wardrobe and ceiling. Police have released footage of a curious extract mafia boss from his “cockroach haven”.

Antonio Pelle is accused of organization of murders, robberies and drug trafficking. His was sentenced in absentia to 20 years in prison, reports “vestige”.

As it turned out, 54-year-old Mafioso was hiding in his own house, where he was equipped with a hidden room. However, the visit of the security forces became Pelle big surprise. In the quest to hide the mafia boss climbed up on a cupboard installed in the kitchen.

Police quickly identified the “dislocation” of the offender. However, Antonio was in no hurry to give up and about a minute was negotiating with the guards, looking at them from a high cupboard. Then the mafia decided to off the rack without waiting for the use of brute force. I had to use a stepladder.


Published on frames is also visible the little room in which was hiding a criminal boss. Asylum pellet was deprived of basic comfort and was like a closet. The space was barely large enough to accommodate the bed with a small mattress and pillow. Next was piled some bags and stuff, including a roll of toilet paper. There was a small fan.

Antonio Pelle was one of the ten most wanted criminals in Italy. He was arrested in October 2008 in an underground bunker. Then, the mafia was able to simulate anorexia, secretly taking pills for weight loss. In the end, they took him to the hospital where Antonio has escaped in September 2011.

In 2014 Pelle headed one of the clans of the Calabrian ndrangheta mafia, which deals with smuggling of drugs from Latin America to Europe, Canada and the United States, reports CNN.

Clash of clans

In 2007, the strife, in which participated and the clan Pelle, ended in a mass murder caused a great resonance. Then near the pizzeria in Duisburg in Germany was shot dead six Italians, including a 16-year-old. The dead belonged to the clan Pelle-Vottari (Pelle-Romeo).

The investigators concluded that the murder involved members of the clan of Nirt-Strangio who have long feuded with the clan Pelle-Vottari. According to some reports, the feud was initiated in 1991 when on a carnival in San Luca (Calabrian town considered a stronghold of the mafia) the mafia pelted with eggs.

The feud escalated after the murder of the wife of boss Giovanni Luki Nitra, Maria Strangio. The woman was shot right on the doorstep on Christmas eve, December 25, 2006. This affected three more people, including a boy of five.

According to the unwritten rules of the mafia is forbidden to kill women. Response to the shooting of Mary Strangio was “the massacre in Duisburg”.

The daring crime has become a challenge for the police of both Germany and Italy. Within a few years the guardians of the law are systematically caught all who were involved in organizing the murder. Arranged on an unprecedented scale raids with the simultaneous arrest dozens of mafia, and also conducted separate arrests of “godfathers”. The raids touched the representatives of the two warring clans.

In particular, the police arrested a paralyzed mafia clan Pelle-Vottari, which unleashed a bloody war of clans Christmas murder of Maria Strangio. 32-year-old “authoritative” paralytic Francesco Pelle was arrested in the city of Pavia, located in Northern Italy, on the night of September 18, 2008. In this case the police played a real show in one of the private clinics where the powerful boss is expected to regain the ability to walk. After a failed attempt at Pella in July of 2006, his foot was paralyzed.

Police officers dressed in robes of doctors and infiltrated the clinic under the doctor to suddenly neutralize the dangerous offender. But Pelle, who lay on the surgical operation under an assumed name, no resistance, and the re-enactment ended in complete success of law enforcement.

And at the end of November 2008, its contribution to the fight against the ndrangheta, has made the police of the Netherlands. Then in Amsterdam has been arrested 35-year-old Giuseppe Nirt, hiding for 10 years. In the same Amsterdam in 2009, was discovered Giovanni Strangio, who is considered the main inspirer of bloody revenge for his dead sister Maria.

In 2011, the Italian court handed down life sentences to the organizers “of the massacre in Duisburg”.

In Italy, a mob boss named Mom climbed on the wardrobe to hide from police (VIDEO) 06.10.2016

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