In Italy at the age of 90 years died a famous playwright, actor, Director, writer, artist, theorist of performing arts and public figure, Nobel prize winner for literature Dario Fo. About it reports Tgcom24.

12 days ago Dario Fo was hospitalized in a hospital in Milan due to problems with his lungs. The doctors were unable to stabilize him.

Dario Fo was born in 1926, in Leggiuno, Sangiano (province of Varese in Lombardy) in a working class family men and women. In 1940 he joined the faculty of set design at Milan’s Academy of Brera, but interrupted his studies due to world war II. Avoided conscription by hiding until the end of the war in the attic. In 1945 he moved to study at the faculty of architecture of the Milan Polytechnic Institute.

The first works of Dario Fo – small monologues, satirical sketches, semi-fantastic stories – Fo wrote a student. Since 1951, he performed on national radio in Italy (RAI) series of 18 humorous monologues (“Kids”). The program was closed, but managed to bring the writer fame.

In 1953, Fo, leaving the Institute, he dedicated himself fully to art.
In the years 1955-1957 Fo wrote scripts for movies and acted as an artist and actor in some movies. In 1959 he founded the theater “Troupe, Dario Fo – Franca Rame” together with his wife Franca Rame.

Since 1963, acted as an actor, Director, author of sketches for cabaret and street theatre, since 1969, led a mobile theatrical troupe.

In 2006, the DOF had unsuccessfully tried to nominate his candidacy for mayor of Milan.

Dario Fo is the author of the stage farce of the Harlequinade (“Finger in the eye,” 1953), a documentary of political dramas (“the people’s war in Chile,” 1973), a grotesquely satirical plays (“Mystery-bouffe” (1969), “Death of an anarchist by accident” (1970), “knock-knock! Who’s there? Police” (1974), “can’t pay – not pay” (1981). Received the Nobel prize in literature for his work in 1997.

In Italy has died, Nobel prize winner for literature Dario Fo 13.10.2016

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