Italian police arrested on Tuesday an anesthesiologist and a nurse who worked in one of the hospitals of the Lombardy region. Aesculapius, who was in a relationship, I suspect in the serial murders of patients, says Blitz quotidiano .

60-year-old doctor Leonardo Cazzaniga nicknamed the angel of Death involved in the death of at least four elderly patients, according to investigators. The victims died in the period from February 2012 to April 2013 in the hospital of Saronno (province of Varese). Pensioners suffered various diseases, including cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

According to the investigator’s Lablance Luke, the doctor gave the patient the injection with a lethal dose of morphine and propofol.

Colleagues Leonardo say that he liked to call himself the Angel of Death. The doctor literally reveled in their power and ability to decide a matter of life and death.

Along with Leonardo was arrested, his mistress and co-worker – 40-year-old nurse Laura Taroni, writes The Local. It is noteworthy that Taroni husband also died under strange circumstances. Investigators do not exclude that he was killed by a treacherous wife and her lover, a doctor.

According to preliminary data, malefactors have forged the results of a blood test and medical report, and then convinced my husband of Laura that he has diabetes. The man was prescribed medications that he regularly took. In the end he was getting worse and worse, and in the summer of 2013 husband of Laura passed away.

One of the important clues was the recording of telephone conversations in which lovers discussed their crimes. In one interview Leonardo asked a friend if his actions to not qualify as murder, as euthanasia (it is also banned by the Italian law). To this the woman replied that in this case the death of the patient should precede the signing of a relevant agreement.

In another dialogue Laura admitted that could kill their own children at the age of eight and 11 years. However, Leonardo began to dissuade her. “No, not the children,” he said.

Investigators also during the wiretaps recorded the conversation Tarani with her eldest son in the car. In the interview they touched on the “perfect murder”. Laura discussed with the child hypothetical possibility to get rid of grandma Mary, and aunt Adriana and Gabriella.

Add that to the series of strange deaths in the hospital of Saronno drew attention in June 2014. Then the police asked one of the nurses of that institution. The collection of primary evidence in the case took two years.

In a criminal case are 12 employees of the hospital, not counting the main suspects. Their colleagues, including the head physician and head of emergency Department, suspected of aiding and abetting to concealing information about violations in the work of the hospital.

In Italy have arrested the anesthesiologist and his mistress-a nurse suspected of killing four patients 30.11.2016

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