Graffiti with the Pope and a soldier of the Swiss guard washed off the workers housing from the wall above the shop window in the Vatican district, a few hours after the appearance of figure 19 Oct, reports ANSA.

In the image, the Pontiff was drawn to his full height. In the story, he climbed up the step-ladder and drew on the wall TIC-TAC-toe and won, and instead of noughts he portrayed “Pacifica” (peace signs ). The Swiss guard Soldiers stood “on a chickie”.

It is assumed that the author was a street artist Mauro Pallotta. After the election of Pope Francis the artist painted graffiti, on which the Pontiff is depicted flying in the air like Superman. The artist also sent the Pope a painting on paper by mail.

Adesso è più bello, vero? ???? Mah… Comunque complimenti #Maupal.

In Italy, washed away graffiti about the Pope 20.10.2016

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