In the city of Ivanovo sentenced 56-year-old taxi driver, who was found guilty in the brutal beating of a passenger. In the end, the victim suffered an open leg fracture. The reason for the massacre was the fact that the passenger has “dared” to make the driver note for a phone conversation while driving.

According to the court decision, the bus driver will spend behind bars for six years. To serve his sentence he will be in the correctional colony of General regime, according to the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, 26 April 2015, the convict drove a minibus EN route N28 “of the 30th district Furniture factory”.

“While driving there was a verbal conflict with a passenger, concerning the remark about the inadmissibility of conversations on the phone while driving,” – said in a press release.

During the quarrel, the driver stopped the “Gazelle”, opened the door, and uninstalled in the course of an investigation, a metal object “struck the man at least three blows to the legs, causing him serious bodily injury as an open fracture of the left tibia”. Then the driver behind clothes dragged the victim outside and left.

The injured man managed to get to the nearest house through the intercom and contacted the occupant of one of the apartments, who called an ambulance and the police.

“The suspect could not install for a long time. However, after almost a year of treatment by the police to the public through the media helped to find the eyewitness of incident”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office.

A witness saw the beating, and even recorded the vehicle number of the offender in your notebook. However, to apply directly to law enforcement, he did not. Later, seeing the TV program, which describes this case and was told and the search for witnesses, the citizen decided to report important information about the suspect.

Aggressive bus driver was charged with paragraph “h” of part 2 of article 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health from the use of weapons or objects used as weapons”). He faces a sentence of 15 years imprisonment.

The man handed the verdict has not yet entered into force.

We will remind, two weeks ago in Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region bus driver was beaten by 16-year-old passenger. He allegedly did not like that girl for too long was on the phone with her mother.

It is known that the little girl got out of the hospital, where a few days spent in a coma. “The impact of the driver were able to provoke seizures, and not the fact that the child wouldn’t be in intensive care. Route number 3K. State room Н457 Mr. Maybe someone saw or accidentally hit record on the recorder. Respond, please. This is unacceptable when rush and beat our children”, – wrote in social networks, a close friend of the family of the victim.

And in Ukraine in September, the driver of the Kiev bus N23 beat the woman. According to the victim Tatyana Matuhina, she returned at that moment with the work, wrote the news Agency “RBC Ukraine”.

“The driver was driving disgusting, he very sharply braked, abruptly included in the turns and, most importantly, the stops did not stop and was rolling forward with the door open… I did the driver comment on what he said so I went faster,” – said from Kiev.

After the woman turned to the driver with a request to call the license plate number and personal data, he began to threaten her. Then the driver grabbed the passenger’s arm and punched her in the face.

In Ivanovo bus driver, who broke his leg over the passenger made the remark, got 6 years in prison 07.10.2016

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