The police of the city of Ivanovo solves a question on excitation of criminal case upon fraud. Criminals under the guise of psychics extorted money from older women. In the end, the victim paid them almost a quarter of a million rubles, which even got into debt. The pensioner was threatened that otherwise it would suffer from a terrible curse two centuries.

Pre-investigation check on this fact was conducted by the employees of Department of police UMVD on the N4 city of Ivanovo, where he asked the victim. The woman said that in August 2016, “watched TV and got interested in the program involving the alleged psychics,” according to the official website of the regional police.

“The participants of the program, assures the audience in his psychic abilities, expressed willingness to communicate with everyone, and the woman turned for help to the specified program the phone,” – said in a press release.

While police did not specify what program and what channel is it in the case file.

In a telephone conversation interlocutor pensioner was a woman claiming to be a psychic. She assured the victim that is able to determine the causes of life’s troubles and fix them. During a telephone “diagnosis” crook told the pensioner that her family imposed two centuries of ancestral curse.

“For efforts to remove this curse, the victim transferred to the specified “psychic” account 13500 rubles, – noted in UMVD. – The telephone, the attackers quickly realized that we are dealing with extremely simple and malleable man”.

Fraudsters continue to lure Ivanovo TV viewer money. In the end, the woman has listed on their account almost 40 thousand rubles.

“This was followed by the third phone call for the removal of the curse feminine voice demanded 180 thousand rubles. In the process, the telephone communication according to the testimony of the victim, it is very intimidating and skillfully painted her future in very dark colors,” – said in a press release.

Terrified of outlined prospects of its existence, the older woman took a loan and sent the “cheaters TV” the required amount.

Only when attackers for the fourth time demanded from the pensioner money, she went to the police.

“During preliminary investigation it is established that the victim transferred the money amount unknown persons removed through ATM”, – concluded the Ministry of internal Affairs.

We add that the TV already has become a source of misery to gullible Russians seeking a way out of difficult life situations in the field of extrasensory perception. A month ago, the police of the Kamchatka region began checking on the appeal of a sailor from the farm named after Lenin. The man, according to him, translated the magicians, which is advertised on TV, several million rubles. To do this he had to sell the house and become homeless. Psychics promised to cure of a sailor from insomnia. The wizards also handed the victim a good luck charm that had to be recharged from time to time for a fee.

And three years ago the Murmansk pensioner watching the TV program “Psychics” associated to the specified in the phone group scams. Those “prescribed” woman the treatment consisted in listening to esoteric music on the phone. For this service the retiree has paid 201 thousand rubles.

In Ivanovo retired, after watching a program about psychics, took a loan and gave them 233 thousand rubles for the removal of the “family curse” 29.09.2016

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