In Izhevsk on Sunday there was a big fire in the warehouse of one of city hypermarkets. At least one of the warehouse employees were killed and another four were injured. Fire put out according to the raised number of complexity. Izhlife reports that the smoke from the fire covered the Votkinskoe shosse, where because of the dense smoke reduced visibility and a traffic jam.

The message about the fire in the warehouse at the Izhevsk hypermarket “Three bananas” was received at 14:45. According to GU Ministry of emergency situations, fire extinguish at a premium, the third rank of complexity. On the site of emergency has 16 units and 49 personnel.

Later in the traffic police in Udmurtia Agency TASS reported limitations of motion, which are introduced in the city in connection with the fire. “From 15:30 a restriction on movement in the area of travel Copra, which is adjacent to the burning warehouse for heavy vehicles, public transport, and also for vehicles carrying dangerous goods”, – said the representative of traffic police Benjamin..

At the moment we know of one dead and four injured. All of them, previously, warehouse workers.

In Izhevsk large fire at a commercial warehouse, there are victims, the smoke covered highway 27.11.2016

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