The police in Japan arrested in Okinawa a U.S. serviceman, who is suspected of sexual assault of tourist in the hotel. The suspect and his alleged victim were guests at the hotel where the crime happened, writes The Japan Times.

Criminal punishment for a 24-year-old Justin Castellanos, who is stationed at marine corps base “camp Schwab”, located on Okinawa.

According to preliminary data, on Sunday, the American and the victim, which was fulfilled about 40 years, was in the hotel business class Naha. The woman fell asleep in the hallway, and this advantage American. He took the tourist to his room, where he abused her. The crime was committed in the period from 1:00 to 4:00.

It is also known that before the incident the victim had consumed alcohol, says The Tokyo Reporter.

Castellanos was detained on Sunday. He denies guilt in the rape. But the evidence against the greenback became the surveillance footage and the testimony of hotel staff.

The Japanese government responded to the events, demanding the US to take strict disciplinary measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in the future.

“This serious crime, violating the rights of women, there is no forgiveness. I feel strong resentment,” said Monday the head of Okinawa Prefecture, Takeshi Onaga.

He also noted that from the actions of the rapist suffered coming from the Prefecture of Fukuoka. While the incident may adversely affect the development of tourism which is the backbone of the economy of Okinawa.

Rape Japanese women has also led to protests in Okinawa.

In Japan, an American soldier raped a woman 14.03.2016

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