In Japan, Utsunomiya city (100 km North of the capital Tokyo) explosions occurred in the Park area. One person was reported killed and three injured. The police said that the victim had blown himself up by committing suicide.

Kyodo reported that in the nearby Park held a festival of local culture. It is in a Park, according to some reports, occurred one of the explosions. According to local rescue services, it happened at 11:30 local time.

The festival was cancelled, the police cordoned off the blast site.

Later NHK said that the deceased’s body was found “fragments of a probable explosive device”. The blast occurred in the Parking lot for bicycles. Three festival goers have suffered.

The second explosion occurred on the unattended Parking area, 200 metres from the first, there were no casualties. Its cause is specified.

When examining the scene of the accident near the dead – a 72-year-old man was found a suicide note. From this it is unclear why he decided to blow himself and his car. The text said that he is atoning “their lives”, reports TASS.

One of the passers-by told reporters NHK that they heard a loud sound and felt the smell of gunpowder. In social networks there were photos of black smoke rising from the Park area.

[BREAKING NEWS] Terrorism in Japan? Explosion In 2 places near the Utsunomiya Castle park. #BREAKINGNEWS #Terrorism

In Japan, explosions occurred in the Park area: one person was killed 23.10.2016

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