In Japan, the tourist bus, EN route to a ski resort, fell off a cliff, killing 14 people, injured 27 more.

The bus followed on a ski resort in the Nagano Prefecture, reports TASS. According to the revised data, there were 41 people. The accident occurred in the night of Friday. The cause of the tragedy at the time of this writing is not called. It is known that the bus was traveling along a narrow mountain road.

Reported three officially dead. According to local police, eleven people are in the so-called state of “heart and lungs”. In Japan rescue service not ascertain the fact of death, and so usually report about victims whose state must prove by medical personnel.

Another 27 people were taken to hospital with injuries of varying severity.

Nationality of dead and injured is not specified.

In Japan, the cliff dropped a bus full of tourists: 14 killed 15.01.2016

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