Guide amusement Park Space World in the Japanese city of Kitakyushu was forced to close one of its attractions – unusual skating rink in the ice which have been frozen for five thousand fish, reports the Japan Times. The reason for this decision was the barrage of criticism which has fallen on the administration of the Park users of social networks.

Skating rink in Kitakyushu opened on 12 November, reported SBS , citing AFP.

In a message on the Park page in Facebook, dedicated to this event, said that this is the first in the world like a skating rink. Also were placed photographs of the carcasses of fish floating in the ice rink. According to the Park administration, this decorative effect was to give the visitors the impression of riding on the surface of the sea and to increase traffic to your attraction. However, in reality it was Vice versa.

Users creative idea of the Park is not appreciated. Many of them found the idea of the rink “weird”, “violent” and even “disgusting.” It is not excluded that its role here played image frozen in the ice rink fish, some of which were bulging eyes and wide open mouths, as if they are choking. To indignation of inhabitants was joined by animal rights activists. “This is the worst attraction from the point of view of education,” they said.

In the Park administration tried to justify himself. They said that fish for the rink was purchased in the local market and by the time the freeze was already dead. Also, the Park has denied the charges in a mockery of a food product, stating that the fish was not fit to eat.

However, the thread of criticism of the rink did not stop, and finally on Sunday, November 27, the attraction was closed. The user Space World announced it in Facebook, bringing the user apologize for the discomfort.

“We apologise for this project and decided to close the rink,” – said the representative of the Park CNN. He also said that the Park intends to unfreeze the ice rink and retrieve fish, then “conduct appropriate religious services” and use them as fertilizer. All communications relating to the rink that were previously published on the Park page in the social network, have been removed.

In Japan, the scandal has closed the rink in the ice which froze 5000 fish 28.11.2016

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