In Jurmala the Latvian law enforcement authorities arrested and prepared for deportation from the country chief producer MIA “Russia today” Ella Taranova. It turned out that Taranov, who came to the conference “Baltic forum”, since 2014 is on the list of undesirable persons of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia. This, according to the website MixNews, told on air of radio Baltkom the organizer of the conference “Baltic forum” Alexander Vasilev.

“She moved to Latvia under the Schengen visa, stayed in Jurmala at the Baltic Beach Hotel and managed to participate in one event – the presentation of the book jānis urbanovičs, Igor Jurgens and Juris Pajders of the “drafts of the future”, – said Vasilyev.

TASS Vasilyev said that Taranov had been detained in hotel “Baltic beach”, where the forum is held, and she flew to a conference in a group of approximately a dozen Russian journalists.

Taranova will leave Latvia in the near future, now is the employee of the Embassy, which will ensure that the removal goes according to the law, in accordance with standard procedure. “We have booked her a ticket on the next flight to make it with the least problems was able to return to Moscow. Now she is in the Jurmala branch of the border, and will be there until seven o’clock in the evening for paperwork,” – said Vasilyev.

Taranov has confirmed RIA “news”, which is part of the MIA “Russia today” that it is in the border guard Latvian immigration service in Jurmala. She said that when passing the border control on arrival in Latvia the problems it arose and what is included in the “list of undesirable people” didn’t know.

“I happen to be in the list from 2014, of 5 August, some unwanted people of the security police. About this list I didn’t know anything, I was invited to the conference of the Baltic forum,” said Taranov.

“Me a few times suspiciously asked if I know that I’m on the list of undesirables and was told that the idea is that I should know this,” – she added. She reported that this list was compiled “by order of the Minister of internal Affairs of Latvia on the basis of data of the security police”. “I explained that the people on that list are a danger to the Republic of Latvia or the interests of national security. It’s disgusting. Any political action I did not make and was not going”, she added.

“The existence of this list nobody knows – added Taranov in comments to radio station “Moscow speaking”. – It’s like Russian roulette. You can come and go, but you can not get”.

In July, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Latvia published the names of three famous Russian singers banned from entering the country. It Iosif Kobzon, Oleg Gazmanov, and Alla perfilova, known under the stage name Valeria. Then by order of the head of the foreign Ministry of Latvia in this list were also included Russian actors Ivan Okhlobystin and Mikhail Porechenkov. They are all known public support for the Russian Crimea, and Okhlobystin and Porechenkov – and the separatists in southeastern Ukraine, which came personally.

Kobzon tried to challenge this decision in the constitutional court of Latvia, but was unsuccessful and the court refused to initiate proceedings at the request of the singer.

The head of parliamentary fraction “the Consent”, the President of the Baltic forum jānis urbanovičs in an interview with radio Baltkom suggested that the deportation of Ternovoy be bad for the reputation of Latvia. “I don’t know why it happened that a person with a Schengen visa could arrive in any other country of the European Union, and in Latvia turned out to be junk. Taranova is a noble foreman of journalism in Russia, it is the organizers of different media projects, so her resentment may adversely affect some materials about Latvia,” – said Urbanowicz.

XXI conference of the Baltic forum will take place on 22 October in Riga, the participants will discuss security issues on the European continent. The theme of the conference in 2016 – “EU – Russia: challenges of interdependence and the formation of a new agenda”. Among the participants this year – the former Minister of defence of Russia Igor Ivanov, the adviser of US President Ronald Reagan during the cold war, Susan Massey, head of the Institute of global transformations of Ukraine, Oleksiy Semeniy, and political scientists from Russia, China, Latvia and Finland.

The international society “the Baltic forum” since 1998, is a platform for dialogue between Russian, European, American, and, since 2009, and Chinese leading experts on foreign policy – diplomats, political scientists, heads of scientific institutions and programs.

In Jurmala detained and prepared for deportation from Latvia, the chief producer of the news Agency “Russia today” 21.10.2016

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